That SMS..  

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11/9/2005 5:06 am

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3/27/2006 2:46 am

That SMS..

Today is a good day. Headed home fired up the pc and went scouring for pussies to grill. Things weren't always as hard. Not always on the pc.

I especially like those smses that goes to wrong numbers. I had memorable ones. One in particular. A girl had mistakenly sms me. i set her straight and she was thankful. But ho-and-behold we were chatting. She asked me who i was. I asked her back.

Things weren't sexual. We smsed back and forth. Before long a date was set. The date was awesome. She let me touch her on the-get-go. I suggested the movies and she complied. I thought this would be it.

I grabbed her my her love handle, she let me be. I slowly moved to her stomach, she didn't flinch. I brushed against her breast ever so slightly at first, she kept still, then grabbing again her love handle with one breast under my arm. She was still as a rock.

Then I fiddled ever so slightly again against her right lower bra. That was it. She turned to me and whispered "YOU ARE MAKING ME WET!" Fine i told her. I'll stop. She just smiled and stopped me from moving my hand away. Well needless to say i continued.

We end up kissing and grabbing each other in the car. In fact I was surprised I could go so far on the first date. With more grabbing she suggested the hotel. Sure after all this why not.

We got to the hostel room and started tearing our clothes off. We kissed. We fondled. I sucked her glorious tits. I fingered her pussy. I fingered her ass. She grabbed me and told me to do her "NOW.." I was never so obliging.

She took hold of my dick and slowly guided me in. I fell her warm pussy pulsating and I rammed home. We fucked the whole nite. She had the tightest pussy I ever had. I just love going in and out of her.

The next day we had some more sex before I sent her back. It was the beginning of a great sex era. I cant wait to screw her some more. Loosen her pussy and make her my slave. That was the first of many more sms i got. But thats another story.

So next time you get an sms from someone you dont know, just think what might be.

rm_S33k33R 39M
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11/12/2005 6:37 am

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