New York, it is.  

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3/10/2006 7:40 am

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New York, it is.

Roughly 2 weeks ago, I walked in on my roomie when he was engaged in some erm, very private matter in the bathroom. Yup, I walked in on him masturbating. Not my fault entirely, the door to the bathroom wasn’t locked, I was dying to pee and can’t make it to the other bathroom. He was scrambling around to find something to cover himself, while I slammed the door shut and head for the other bathroom.

Well, you can imagine the embarrassment and awkwardness. Fortunately, there were only the both of us at home at that moment. Still, Ben avoided me for the next couple of days, i.e. removing himself from any spaces I happen to step in. this went on until I caught up with him after dinner one night and had a mini chat. Of course, we apologised to each other and he made me swear over my grandmother’s grave that I’ll never tell a soul about what happened, especially Izzy, the landlady who stays at the apartment too. I can understand his concerns, Izzy can be a little uptight sometimes, especially when she’s staying with 2 guys and another girl in the apartment, things can get pretty chaotic sometimes. Anyway, it was nice talking to him despite the incident, and I got to know him better (well, a little alcohol did help too).

I was glad that we talked. Moving around the globe so often, I feel like I don’t really know the people around me at all and that’s quite sad and quite a pity. Ben told me about the girl he has been dating. And he also told me they haven’t had sex yet, even though they have been dating for more than 2 months, which helped to explain the little act in the bathroom. I could feel his sincerity towards the relationship so went on to give him some advice. At least now, Ben stopped avoiding me, and has generously invited me to go on a trip to NYC tomorrow with him, his girlfriend and a couple of his mates. You know, it still amazes me how friendships can be formed at such unexpected circumstances.

rm_Grimlok69 35M

3/12/2006 9:14 am

ROFL thats pretty funny Rory, I can't imagien how I would react if I were caught in that kind of act. Probably turn several shades of red then die of embaressment! Anyway at least you get a little company in your trip to NYC. Hope you have fun there!

rm_RoryV 33F

4/4/2006 10:13 am

Oh, I had fun. Lots of it. May blog about it next time. Cheers.

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