The First Time!!! Romeo Lives??  

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7/9/2006 8:26 pm

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The First Time!!! Romeo Lives??

I guess blogs are used to basically pass on one's thoughts' I want to use it to let people "Get To Know Me."
This particular entry? The one milestone everyone can relate to...the first time RomeoLives had sex.
I was one of those highly principled kids from the good side of town, who thought sex was for people who loved each other and were going to get married. Part of me still believes that sex is for those who love each other, I believe it's the best sex. Well anyway...highly I actually didn't have sex until I entered my 20's. I know. It sounds like a fairy tale for us guys because we are, pretty much, born horny. Hey, believe me, it wasn't easy. I probably walked away from more pussy in high school then most men do in a lifetime...yes I'm exaggerating but it sure felt like a lot.
I'd always fantasized that my first time would be with someone I loved, the birds would sing, flowers would bloom, and at that one moment, there would be world peace. Young, naive, fool. It happened in a dive of a hotel in Oakland, California with someone I really liked, even cared about, but love?
It was a very humbling experience for me. No, not for that reason. Actually it lasted longer that I thought it would. this girl that I ended up dating for a few years flew into Oakland and the first time I saw her was that night. We had spoken on the phone quite a bit. We even had a little phone sex. She would actually take the phone and set it by her wet pussy while she was masturbating and I could hear the sqishy sound of it, which is the BIGGEST turn on for me.
We checked into our humble hotel room and talked for about and hour or so and took individual showers...and then IT happened. She peeled down my boxers and started to blow me. It doesn't matter how good the BJ is, the star of the show always makes and appearance, if you know what I mean. At the time I thought it was the most wonderful blow job ever, but later I realized we both had a lot to learn. She kept complaining that her jaw hurt throughout the whole thing and I thought that was good at the time.LOL. This probably lasted for 15 minutes (actually it was probably more like 7 or 8 minutes. I'm just trying to make it more interesting). Then...she climbed aboard. It definitely was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt. At that moment I thought to myself "There will be a LOT more of this!". She bounced up there for roughly 10 minutes (maybe less. Who wears a watch?). I had always seen the spoon position on pornos, so I said let's give that a shot. We both got into position and low and behold...I couldn't get in her all the way. I fumbled around trying to get my dick all the way in and couldn't do it, so she tried...AND SHE COULDN'T DO IT. It was at that point that I realized...NEITHER ONE OF US KNEW WHAT THE HELL WE WERE DOING!!! So...MISSIONARY!!! All the way home. You can always depend on missionary for those awkward moments. It turns a frown upside down. I guess we were both thinking that since we were supposedly exclusive to each other (and we were), we didn't think to use contrceptive, so I released.
It may not have been the best, it wasn't even what I'd dreamed but I guess we were both ahppy about it. We were together for two years afterward.
Well...that was it in a nutshell (no pun intended). Even though we fumbled through it, we still had a really good time with each other and it was then that I started to feel like sex was more about having a good experience with someone and not the ultimate declaration of love that I had always believed.


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