Thursday, A day of independence for me, the day from hell for my kid  

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6/30/2006 10:06 pm

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Thursday, A day of independence for me, the day from hell for my kid

Thursday, June 29th 2006 is a day that will be in our minds forever. Or at least until we forget the bad times and get on with the good times.

I filed for divorce last week and my husband got served his papers on Thursday. My 16 yr old daughter got her learner's permit on Wednesday and had an accident on Thursday. My 13 yr old daughter was called a liar by daddy.

My 16 yr old was driving home from practice with her dad, she pulled into the driveway and then for some reason hit the gas instead of the brakes. She hit the house pretty hard, she tried to make the den into a garage. It caused a bit of damage, bad enough to call the insurance company.

BTW! My husband thinks that he can fix it himself. He can do all of it himself. Bricklaying, drywall, foundation, wood working. Take a look at the picture for this blog. That is the damage to the house. It took him 2 weeks to fix the plumbing, 4 days to fix the air conditioner and 5 months to fix the dishwasher. Like he can fix this one. Whatever!

My younger daughter is staying with my mom and dad for a while. I think mostly until her dad moves out of the house. She is afraid that he is going to try to make her live with him. She wants to stay with me and her sister. She is also afraid that he is going to take her from me. It is scaring the poor kid, so I agreed to let her stay with my mom and dad.

On Thursday my husband called the youngest daughter a liar to me (thank GOD not to her). Said that he did not say all of those things that my daughter told me. She was making it all up. Now, who do you think that I am going to believe???

My husband did not believe that I wanted a divorce until he actually got served with divorce papers. I have been telling him since the beginning of January. He said that I told him that "I wanted a divorce, I needed a divorce and that we need to get divorced". But, this all came to a surprise to him. I never said that "I am getting a divorce". Do you think that the papers being served is enough of a hint that I am divorcing him???? Maybe he will realize it when we are in court.

Life is good, I just need to keep remembering that saying. Someone remind me, PLEASE!!!!

rm_cab824 71M
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7/11/2006 12:23 pm

RocknRoxie.... always remember LIFE IS GOOD!!! especially when you are at the controls of it, instead of letting someone else control it..... Tony

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