Celebration of Life  

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4/22/2006 10:10 am

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Celebration of Life

I went to a funeral on Thursday. The brother of a friend died this week and I had done some work with the family and I got to know her brother. He was only 38 yrs old. (BTW I am also 38 yrs old.) He was so young and he was not sick. About a yr ago he had a seizure and went to the hospital. He continued to have them and the doctors could not figure out why.

The family is very religious and they are very involved in their church. I saw a very different funeral. It was called a celebration of life. They really did celebrate his life. They talked about all of the good stuff and fun that he had in his short lifetime. There were still tears, but there was a lot of laughter and smiles on everyone's faces. Thinking and hearing about all of the good things that he had done in his very short lifetime.

People got up and sang for him and only 2 of the speaker could not finish because they got upset. And I really could tell that they were not part of the family that were part of the church. They were taking it as he died and they would not get to see him again.

The handout that was given out was more of a program. It was 12 pages long. It had letters to him from his mom, dad, sister and his nephew. It had pictures of him growing up, with family members, current pictures him and friends.

The nephew is only 19 yrs old and he said in a poem that he wrote that everyday on earth brings him one day closer to seeing his uncle in heaven. That really hit me. Our days on earth are limited here. And this really is just a holding place until we are to go on to a better place. Where we will see the loved ones that have gone ahead of us.

It really made me look at things differently. It was a celebration of what a person has done on earth. They are no longer in a place that has pain and sorrow. The differences that a person makes in the lives of others.

That is something that I want to be. I want to make a difference in many peoples lives. I just need to find my calling. A way to make a difference. I think that I have my job cut out for me. I need to start thinking about the big picture.

Scooterbabe4u 81F

4/22/2006 12:37 pm

Hey ! There's always room for one more to join the fight against the abuse against our chilren.
Many Blessings

rm_unevrsho 56M

4/23/2006 9:21 am

Go ahead and keep celebrating. Life what wonderful and mysterious thing. Don't despair, you always make a difference, and you always have. Sometimes you don't realize what an effect you've made until well into the future. May peace and love stay with you.

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