I dreamt it was you  

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6/16/2005 10:00 pm

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I dreamt it was you

Going home I saw you on the Subway platform. You were beautiful. You had a low cut dress and pretty open toed shoes and dynamite eyes. You were a little chunky. Just like I like. I smiled at you and you smiled back. We sat next to one another on the crowded subway. The first thing I noticed was your smell. It was a wonderful vanilla-like scent that drove me wild. I could feel your dress touch my bare leg. Your arm touched mine. I could feel the electricity. It was wonderful. I prayed your stop would not come. We both pretended to sleep. You moved closer. Our arms touched and neither of us moved. I dreamed it was you. You who have been too shy to come forward and show yourself. YOU FOUND ME I thought, you read where I worked and did the math and recognized me from my photo. And now you are next to me. Feeling me. Still too shy to speak. I'll never forget your smell. The feeling of your hair against my shoulder. The whole world stopped and I opened my eyes and looked at you. You were so beautiful.

Subways moves us back and forth and up and down and still we remain touching. Now our legs meet. Skin to dress. I feel the warmth of you. I feel your energy. You don't move again. Neither do I. I realize I'm totally excited. I adjust as best I can. Hopefully no one notices.The train stops and we are forced together. For a moment it's as if we are in bed snuggling. I could just hug you. Your smell again. God I would love to find that scent. I'd put it near me every day to remind me of you. People get on and everyone moves closer together. We are now almost entwined. Legs, arms, shoulders. We could be a couple we are so close. I feel your breath on me. Warm,sweet. I think you might smoke or be near smokers. I can't believe I like the scent. But I do and it makes you even more beautiful. I never want this to end but I can see the stop where you get off. I know you from the moment I saw you. I know when you'll have to leave. Treasuring the last moments together, I press against you. You press back. We touch deeply and softly. Our eyes are closed. I know what's coming. You get up to leave. I feel you walk away. We are still connected. You take the train across the platform. Our eyes meet as the trains move together. Funny thing trains. The world is moving and you can see someone in another train going the same speed and be in the same place. We smile one last time. I dreamt it was you. If only you'd come forward. No need to be afraid. You felt it too. You feel it too.

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