The Sex Scene in Ann Arbor  

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3/7/2005 8:37 pm

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The Sex Scene in Ann Arbor

This will be my progress report on the sex scene in Ann Arbor. Not the sex scene most people know, but the sex scene which is nonexistant, for a great number of people. I hope to leave that club very soon.

I want to have sex in Ann Arbor before this semester ends in April. Sound easy? Think again. The catch?

Ann Arbor - Where liberals go when they can't get to Canada.

It's also the home to a lot of lonely students, those of us who don't frequent frat parties and contract STDs on a regular basis. The problem is, unless you have been in a relationship for a long time or are just damned lucky, you're likely to remain lonely.

Ann Arbor - Where everyone has an affair with their hand.

Well, I'll get down to it. I am an engineering student, a fact which turns off most prospective contacts immediately, something about us being boring and such; the standard things. In some ways they are correct: most of my engineering friends would rather work on a project on a Saturday night than do anything else. It's kinda sad.

I am nothing like that though. I will admit: I work hard on my assignments, and I like to think I am very intelligent and motivated, but I also dedicate time to fun. Quite a bit.

Hah. Never works. In my year and a half in this town, I have not hooked up once. I have hooked up away from town, out of sight of Ann Arbor and in the sight of some beautiful bodies. That hasn't happened since October though. A "dirty" photo shoot.

So it's not like I'm unskilled and inexperienced, not at all. I have quite the touch, according to some people. But no matter what I try to do, this town is a terrible place to look. It seems all the active girls are hooking up with frat boys, and the rest of the girls are too interested in their studies. Frustrating.

On that note, I have decided that I will try whatever I can to hook up with some girl before the semester ends in April. My goal: before April 29th, have sex at least one time with at least one woman in the city of Ann Arbor. I have many options before me, and a friend who claims he can hook me up with anyone. I may have to take up that offer.

Here is my first progress report:

I am very free this weekend and would love to go out with some friends. Nothing planned yet. Next weekend, however, Carl Cox will be at the Bleu in Detroit, and I very much plan to be there and out on the floor dancing. Perhaps I can make some progress there. I know it's not Ann Arbor, but the group I will be with is pretty large and all from this place. Maybe...

If anyone has any tips or comments, I will GLADLY accept them. Anything to get to my goal.

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