First Post: New Goings On, and Current Life  

rm_RivCA 34M
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7/27/2006 10:33 pm
First Post: New Goings On, and Current Life

OK, how do I begin this?

Well, I just got geared up with AdultFriendFinder a few days ago, figured I'd go gold today. I actually have a nine-to-five job to pay for it. Compared to my last job, it's like being in a rich heaven. To put it simply, my last job was a minimum-wage, burger-flipping, "How can I take your order?" crapfest.

Hey, that's in the past. Because I got paid so little, I was able to get away with various small stunts to entertain customers. And, because it was a fast-food gig, you get kids in there who will usually laugh at your antics. That always made me forget the craptastic situation I was in.

The weather sucks balls, right now. Worst summer we've had in years. Hot and humid all day, all night. Normally it cools off immesnely at night, but because of how humid it's been, that doesn't happen. It's just like summers in Dedham or Foxboro.I guess you come to expect it every now and again, what with being in a desert, and all.

If you want to know how I prefer to spend my free time, I enjoy reading fiction, playing video games, and playing old-style RPGs, with pen and paper in hand. Dungeons and Dragons is a big favorite of mine.

As for my sex life, it's pretty dry. No girlfriend has the tendency to do that kind of thing.

Anyhow, I figure I'll use this blog as a day-to-day update, answer some posted questions, whatever I feel like. Hopefully, I can bring some excitement into my life.

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