a mini-story  

rm_RingOtaku 36M
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7/25/2006 1:15 pm
a mini-story

truth is I am not mentally up to a story this Tuesday so you get a few observations and a "semi-new" story. Basically this is something I wrote for a fellow AFFer's blog game. But first a few things to remember to make life more enjoyable.

Cats are everything we love about our fellow humans. And hate about them. I think cats are the real humans.

Coding HTML is boring and redundant. It is not for everyone and the Fates bless programs like FrontPage that make it easier on the rest of us.

Pie is a superior life form and it's always a good time for pudding. Trick is finding your flavors.

Yes you can masterbate to cheerleading competitions on ESPN. Unless your daughter/sister is there. That's just wrong.

And now your porn.

I walk into the hotel room and notice the lack of lights. Due to it being late at night I can't see a thing with no sunlight to aid me. As I reach for the lights I hear your seductive voice in the gloom reach out. "Leave them off. And take your clothes off too". Grinning widely I do as you say and strip my suit a pile of clothes on the floor now. Slowly I step through the darkness seeking you out. Farther into your trap I go until I feel my legs bump up against the bed. Before I can turn around your soft breasts press into my back and I freeze as your hands seek out my member and stroke it slowly into a rock hard state. As I hear you giggle in my ear I moan lightly. However soon you stop teasing me and push me onto the bed. I roll over and try to sit up but soon your soft, warm body is on top of me holding me down. I don't struggle as our lips lock and you breathe your passion into me. Laughing mischevously I can only wonder what you are up to as your nails draw a path down my chest. As they reach my waist the nails stop and circle but I forget them as I feel your lips wrap around my cock. Louder I groan as you slip my shaft inside your mouth and begin sucking. I grip the sheets as you continue to suck me off your warm breath tickling my cock as your tounge and lips caress my member expertly. "Oh Yesss. Jen just like that" I say as my cock begins to throb inside your mouth. But suddenly the sensations end and I find myself easing back from the edge of climax. I go to say something but a gentle kiss from you silences me. A moment later my whole body stiffens in pleasure as I feel your moist pussy swallow my cock. A moan escapes each of our mouths as you ride me the intensity and speed increasing by the moment. As our moans get louder they mingle with the creaking and rocking of the bed into a symphony of sexual satisfaction as I try to hold off my climax loving the feeling of my stiff cock pushing deeper into your dripping pussy. Feeling your hands wrap around my chest hairs as you get more and more excited I grip the headboard and push past the border of desire. A primal scream escapes my lips as I cum hard inside you my whole body shaking. You slow down but don't stop as a second wave of sticky seed coats your womanhood inside and out. Finally as you feel my balls empty you stop your randy ride and lay down on top of me both of us panting and sweating until we fall asleep.

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