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Welcome Home

Tanya Black hadn't been home in weeks. A cost of her job as a professional wrestler. But now she had the time to get back home. And that meant she would see her lover Besty Malone for the first time in weeks as well. Carefully Tanya opens the door to their apartment and walks through the living room letting her mind relax and embrace the comfortable surroundings.

Tanya: I'd love a nap but Betsy will be home soon. And I need to get myself ready. Oh well sleep can come later.

With that Tanya heads for the bedroom. Tossing her suitcase on the floor she moves to the bathroom turning on the shower. Quickly stripping her clothes off Tanya steps in and lets the hot water wash over her body and release the tension of the constant travel. Working the soap up into a good lather Tanya giggled as she reminded herself that she didn't need to play with herself tonight. This time it would be just cleaning while she was in the shower. A short while later Tanya finished and stepped out of the shower. Drying herself off Tanya stood in front of the large mirror combing her blonde hair as the steam cleared off the glass exposing her reflection.

Tanya: I still look like crap. Good thing most of my bruises are faded away. I'd hate to be too sore to move.

Just then the sound of a door opening and shutting is heard. Smiling widely Tanya takes a second to calm herself down before entering the bedroom and sitting down on the bed. A moment later Betsy walks into the room still dressed in her business suit and smiles at the sight of her naked lover sitting on the bed.

Betsy: Tanya you little sneak. You got home early.

Tanya: Yep. So what do you think?

Betsy: I think someone can't wait until after dinner.

With that Betsy leaned over and gave Tanya a passionate kiss the moment ending with Betsy running her tounge over Tanya's lips. The shiver of joy and anticipation of more was evident as Tanya watched Betsy kick her shoes off. With a bit of swaying in her hips Betsy stripped off her skirt and blouse before putting her legs up alongside Tanya as she slowly pulled her stockings off. Tanya was hypnotized at the sight loving the color contrast of Betsy's white panties and bra to the dark hair that framed her face. Tanya reached out and ran her hands over Betsy's stomach and up to cup her breasts and gently rub the fabric against the soft flesh. Betsy moans quietly before pushing the hands away. Tanya bites her lower lip as Betsy sinks down to her knees and leans forward her lips caressing Tanya's left nipple.

Tanya: Ohhh...Betsy you are horrible going for my weak spot so soon.

Betsy: Hush you I have dreamed of you for so long.

With that Betsy goes back to her slow but hard suckling. Squirming and panting Tanya runs her hands through Betsy's hair as the woman shifts her attention to the right nipple making sure both are fully erect and completly teased. Finally Betsy releases her hold on Tanya and guides her into laying down on the bed. Standing up Betsy pulls off her bra and panties before climbing onto the bed. Tanya just grins up at her and slinks over to Betsy who spreads her legs just enough to show off her moist womanhood.

Betsy: I couldn't wait any longer. Will you please indulge me love?

Tanya says nothing but moves the last few inches forward and gently kisses Betsy in between the legs. Seeing the immediate reaction Tanya begins to kiss the moist pussy lips in front of her placing her hands on Betsy's stomach to hold the woman in place.

Betsy: Uhhh...Just like that. I taught you well.

Tanya: And got me even hornier.

Pulling her lips away Tanya slips two fingers inside and fingers Betsy slowly letting her digits walk the path to pleasure. As she twists and shakes in joy a cry escapes Betsy's lips. The time apart meant nothing to Tanya's memory who knew just how to push her lover to heights of sexual delight. Pulling her fingers out Tanya licked the cum off before lowering her mouth down and locker her lips over Betsy's pussy. With surgical precision Tanya moved her tounge inside and out pushing Betsy closer and closer to climax. Finally the seemingly eternal build was ended as the tip of Tanya's tounge found it's goal and with a loud moan Betsy climaxed hard her hands gripping the sheets as her whole body tensed then relaxed as Tanya finally stopped giving Betsy one more slow lick to gather the last of her honey. Tanya stood up and grinned as Betsy caught her breath and smiled widely.

Tanya: My darling to see that look on your face. I'd face anything and travel anywhere.

Betsy: D-Damn you....You are going to...get it now.

Finally finding a resevoir of energy Betsy moved forward and caught the surprised Tanya off guard. Knocked down Tanya let her upper body hang over the side of the bed as Betsy sank down into Tanya's lap face first. With an animalistic hunger Betsy licked and kissed Tanya's most sensitive spots. Moaning and groaning without shame Tanya smiled widely loving how she brings out this uncontrolled side to her normally formal and reserved girlfriend. Quickly it ended as Tanya came only to find herself losing her balance as her body went limp. Sliding off the bed Tanya heard Betsy laugh as her face reappeared.

Betsy: I'm sorry sweetie. I tried to grab you but was a bit slow. We really need to go easy on each other. I can't sit up.

Tanya: No matter. At least this bruise has a fun story behind it. Now what say after my legs start listening we order chinese? I don't think I can find the energy to cook.

Betsy: Deal. I'll buy.

With that the scene ends as Tanya grabs the side of the bed and slowly pulls herself up as Betsy giggles like a small child.

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