Sorry Folks. No Erotica Today  

rm_RingOtaku 36M
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9/5/2006 1:51 pm
Sorry Folks. No Erotica Today

yeah. Right now I got a lot of things going on. I am on the verge of owning a business and that will bring major changes to my life. Good and bad. I mean it will take me several years to pay off the loan I am about to apply for. I have to admit I'm scared. If things keep proceeding this shop will become my life. If it doesn't I'm back to square one of being jobless and borderline penniless. Hence why I will be trying to find work while waiting.

Okay I lied. You get your naked pic of hot action. I know it's drawn and some people have this mental block of "cartoon porn" but dude look at this woman. She's in a nurses outfit and playing with herself. I encourage everyone to open their minds and remember sex is sex and a photo of a model is no more real than a drawing of her. So have a rubdown on me and my anibabe.

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