Reunion of the lovers  

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Reunion of the lovers

Ragonus entered his house with a small grin. It was of course rare for the mercenary to show off his emotions even in his own home away from prying eyes. Regardless the smile did widen as he entered the living room removing his Kevlar trench coat after moving a strand of silver hair from his head. For in front of him stood his wife Rachel wearing a pair of lacy black hiphugger style panties and a deep green lace corset. Rachel merely stared at him with a smirk as he walked over and kissed her his hands tangling themselves in her red hair before she moved him back a step.

Rachel: You have been very bad. Leave me alone for weeks. No word. I have been so lonely.

Ragonus: I apologize but it was a very dangerous job. Where is Jin?

Rachel: With my parents for a few days. Now you are going to pay. You will do nothing without my say. No movement at all. Understood Jet?

The man nodded knowing her use of his birth name instead of the name he assumed years before they met was a sign on intimacy. Used only when she wanted to make it clear this was an important matter to her. So standing still the taller of the two spouses watched as his companion turned the CD player on a slow seductive tune playing. Rachel swayed and danced in front of Ragonus for a minute getting a thrill out of the way his predatory eyes followed every curve of her body. Finally she moved towards him and ran her hands up his body before sliding around behind him her nails maintaining contact with his chest. As the beat moved to a crawling pace Rachel slowly unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off him and letting it fall to the ground. Ragonus shivered as the soft fingers ran over his many scars before easing the button of his jeans off before slipping off the zipper and slipping her hand in feeling the stiffness of his member Rachel couldn't help but giggle at the surprising lack of cotton.

Rachel: Going commando? You were plotting ahead weren't you?

Ragonus: Ummmm Yes. I have missed your touch so much my love.

Rachel: Hush. I have not yet begun.

As if on cue the music began a more intense beat as the warrior's jeans fell to the floor and Rachel began kissing her husband on the neck her warm lips not missing a spot as her hands begin rubbing his balls feeling the tension build as his cock became rock hard under the slow and steady movement of her other hand the speed increasing as a moan escaped Jet's lips. Rachel moaned quietly with him before suddenly letting go. Ragonus got curious but a hand quickly kept his head from looking behind him. Satisfied he was not peeking Rachel pulled her corset off and wrapping the soft material quickly made it into a blindfold which she used to cover her husband's eyes.

Ragonus: Rachel what are you doing now? This is so different.

Rachel: Do you like it?

Ragonus: Yes but only because it's you. No one else could render me helpless so easily.

Rachel blushed thankful he couldn't see. Carefully she walked around him and taking his hands in hers placed one on each of her breasts. Rachel stood there a moment as the normally violent and dangerous man carefully rubbed and massaged the soft and sensitive flesh of her chest the nipples become fully erect as her breathing increased to a rapid pace as the music took on a primal feel. Blinded and driven to the brink by the increased sensitivity of his sense of touch and the teasing Ragonus moved his hands around and tried to draw his love towards him. However this only earned him empty hands as Rachel laughed before forcing his hands behind his back. Knowing he had been scolded Ragonus obeyed and was rewarded quickly as Rachel got on her knees and began kissing the tip of his cock. Seeing him shiver but not move Rachel gave his shaft a slow lick before wrapping her lips around his tip. Ragonus moaned as Rachel slipped the rest inside her mouth and began sucking hard.

Ragonus: Ohhh....I can't believe.....why did I leave?

Ragonus only gets an increase in the intensity of Rachel's oral teasing as a reply. Lost in the sensation of her moist lips and warm mouth pleasuring him Ragonus begins getting weak in the knees as he feels his cock throbbing. Sensing him getting too excited Rachel suddenly stops and giggles as the music dies down.

Rachel: Not yet. Come on big boy. Time for the games to end.

With that Rachel stands up and takes his hand leading the half-asian man into the bedroom Shoving down on the bed Rachel strips her panties off tossing them away as she climbs onto the bed. Ragonus waits in eager anticipation as Rachel climbs on top of him. Slowly she lowers herself onto him and both let out a gasp as her tight pussy is penetrated. Though sex was a regular occurence in their marraige it had only been about two years and the young woman was a virgin before she took her vows. However tonight the anticipation both felt meant that it took almost no effort for Rachel's wet pussy to swallow his thick member. With an excited groan escaping her lips Rachel ripped the blindfold off and stared her husband in the eyes as she rode him hard.

Rachel: Ohhh Yesss. Jet you are so good.

Ragonus groaned as he pushed up driving deeper into Rachel's pussy as both quickly got more and more excited. Soon the pair was moaning loudly as Rachel bounced up and down harder and faster on him. Ragonus arched his back as he pushed deep inside her his cock rubbing every sensitive nerve until both feel the edge coming. Sharing a look that spoke volumes Rachel leaned over and kissed Ragonus passionately as both climaxed at the same time their juices mixing as they dripped down onto his legs. After both finished Rachel lay on top of Ragonus feeling the warmth of his body as she breathed heavily.

Rachel: Wow. That was incredible. I mean I never though it would be like that.

Ragonus: I agree. This was great. So you say we have a bit more time?

Rachel: All day tomorrow my love. Plenty of time to try some other new things.

Ragonus smiled as Rachel slid over and snuggled down placing her head onto his chest.

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You can be an erotica writer....It was good.....very good....

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