Learning to Unite Part 1  

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4/24/2006 12:48 pm
Learning to Unite Part 1

Joey walked up the stairs irritation clearly etched on his face. It had been two years since his dad had remarried. Fine. His dad wants to remarry a much younger woman. Fine. Joey was 15 he understood things couldn't always be the way he wanted them. He would put up with Fran. But two months ago her younger sister Nina just up and moves in. And acts like no one else is in the house or that she can just not help out. That was annoying. So Joey decides that now that it is spring break and so the two teens are home alone he would make his move. Joey stood in the doorway to Nina's room and looked at the girl sleeping there in a pair of pink panties and nothing else not even a blanket covering her.

Joey: Unbelivable. I can't fathom this girl.

Joey sighs as he walks over to her bed and shakes her awake.

Joey: Look you. It's already noon. I mean at least get out of bed if you are going to bum around the house all day. Though there is some cleaning Dad wants done.

Nina just groans as she sits up exposing her breasts to Joey's view. He tries not to stare but his cover is blown as she opens her eyes and sees the tent in his boxers.

Nina: Well I see you are already "up". So how big are you anyway?

Joey: What? I dont' know I never measured it. You're strange.

Nina just sighs as she pulls his boxers down. Joey just stands there shocked as she leans forward her fingers dancing across his hard cock.

Nina: Nice. You know I was horny anyway. And apparently you think strange is sexy.

Joey: I um...what's going on?

Nina: Just be quiet and stand there like a good boy. I'm two years older than you so I should be in charge anyway.

Before Joey can respond Nina begins licking his erection. Joey just moans getting louder when Nina begins sucking on it soon sliding his entire dick in her mouth. Standing there lost in desire Joey soon forgets why he came in here as he watches Nina suck on his cock faster and faster. Finally he groans loudly and cums hard. Nina just smiles as she swallows every last drop licking her lips clean as she stands up.

Nina: Now that is a wake-up call. What say we do this again sometime Joey?

Joey: Please. You were great.

Nina just giggles before walking out and heading to the bathroom. Finally Joey hears the shower starting and pulling his boxers back on goes to his room to get dressed.

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