Here is the Newest Deal  

rm_RingOtaku 36M
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7/11/2006 2:34 pm
Here is the Newest Deal

Okay once a week. Every Tuesday. I promise a new blog entry. Some may be casual chill posts like this and most will be erotica. Now if I am feeling particularly inspired I may post a bonus entry. But as long as you come on once a week at the same basic time every week you will see a new entry. Now here is some sneak previews of stories that are digging out of my brain and thus will soon be seen on here.

1) A sequel to my lesbian story. It has a ton of views and seems to be a big favorite so Tanya and Betsy will be returning.

2) A college-age male comes home for break and finds the neighbor is happy to see him. Heh just because she's older doesn't mean she can't have loving.

3) A teenage girl learns that being a cat burglar can have it's drawbacks. Especially when you steal from lustful neighbors.

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