Desire Knows No Bounds Part 4  

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11/28/2005 5:46 pm

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Desire Knows No Bounds Part 4

Linda sat on her bed and looked over at her best friend Julie sitting in the desk chair. Linda had called her over to hang out after finding out Jason had a date with some "Meg". Linda wasn't happy but she wouldn't admit to anybody else why.

Julia: What's up girl? That stiff finally got out of the house and you aren't partying it up.

Linda: I know Julie. Guess I am just worn out. Frustrated.

Julie: Frustrated? With what?

Linda blushed a little before turning away from Julie's gaze.

Linda: Nothing. Just saying things have been weird the past couple months. Stressful you know.

Julie giggled as she moved to sit on the bed next to Linda. Linda kept refusing to look Julie in the eye which only confirmed her friend's suspicions.

Julie: I see. So your own fingers not keeping you calm. Some guy must be really working you up.

Linda: It's just. Oh like you aren't crushing on somebody right now. You are always lusting after somebody Julie.

Julie: True but I keep things in perspective. You are the one all bummered.

Linda: Well what should I do?

Julie: Get some help. Remember a few years ago when we practiced on each other a few times?

Linda stared at her friend with a shocked look before smiling. Maybe Julie was right.

Linda: Okay but only because I'm desperate and you won't blab.

Julie giggled before the two girls started stripping. Now both naked Linda lay on the bed her legs already spread apart for her friend. The two girls hadn't "played" since they discovered boys were more fun a couple years ago. Still Julie was beautiful and knew more about Linda than anyone so who better?

Linda: Go quick. Jason has a tendency to come home at the worst times.

Julie: Okay. No foreplay.

With that Julie slid two fingers into Linda's pussy and began rapidly sliding them in and out as Linda moaned in pleasure. Julie was good at this and seemed to know just where to move. Linda leaned up a bit and gave Julie a kiss. Soon Linda found herself moving down and began kissing Julie's small but lovely breasts.

Julie: That's new. Keep it up.

Julie began fingering Linda harder and faster as Linda began sucking on Julie's nipples enjoying making them rock hard. Julie enjoyed the feeling of her breasts in Linda's mouth as she had secretly been hoping Linda would show some bi feelings. Soon Julie stopped and looked at Linda with a mischevious grin.

Julie: Young lady I think we need to put that mouth to good use. Besides I been wanting to try this with you a while.

Linda: What?

Julie just smiled as she kissed Linda. Laying on top of Linda Julie settled into a 69 position and ignored Linda's gasp of surprise and joy when Julie began eating her out.

Linda: Oh damn. Julie you....Wow.

Forgetting Jason for a few moments Linda decided to try her best at this new game and began licking at the wet pussy in front of her face. At first she just kissed around the lips but as Julie slipped her tounge in deeper and brought Linda more pleasure the love-sick girl began to truly eat out her best friend giving as good as she got. Soon both girls were overcome by desire each one exploring the other with eager tounges and loving lips. Linda screamed as she came Julie happily lapping up the cum. Soon though Linda got her back and Julie moaned happily as Linda found her face covered. The two girls sat there in bed for a bit before Julie stood up.

Julie: Feeling better now? I sure am.

Linda: I think so. Crap it's 9. You are going to be late getting home.

Julie: Oh man. My mom is gonna freak.

Julie quickly got dressed as Linda watched her. Julie gave Linda a quick kiss. After Julie left Linda stood up and walked through the apartment a sad look on her face.

Linda: I know you meant well Julie but now I want him even more. Jason is so cool and I bet he is great at eating pussy.

Soon Linda went to bed tired and confused. She barely noticed Jason come home and when he slid into bed Linda felt her own desires rising. Julie had been great but Jason was who she dreamed of. Tonight she was going to see how much she could do. She was tired of waiting. And Jason's predictably hard cock was all the sign Linda needed.

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