A little fantasy  

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A little fantasy

Lloyd had been on vacation for a week when he met her at the bar. The black hair framed pale skin perfectly and after an hour of talking to her he was convinced she was an angel. Although both went back to their seperate hotel rooms that night Lloyd had managed to get her name, Joisu, and the promise of a lunch date for the next day. Sure enough she showed up at the restaurant and lunch was even better than the night before. In fact the lunch date kept going all afternoon and evening covering every subject of conversation from movies to turn-ons. Finally at a quarter after midnight Joisu decided she needed to go back to her room. Like a true infatuated gentleman Lloyd stood there and gave her a goodnight kiss. Unfortunately Joisu had other plans and opened the door behind her while they were locked together and dragged him inside.

Joisu: You are going to get it good tonight.

Lloyd: Well if you insist my lady.

Joisu nods and grinning leads Lloyd into the ornate room gesturing to the queen-sized bed.

Joisu: I'll be back in a minute. I want you naked and laying on the bed when I get back.

Lloyd merely nodded as the woman slipped into the bathroom. Stripping quickly the young man did as he was told and waited on the soft mattress. Sure enough a moment later Joisu emerged wearing a silk bathrobe. Walking over to the foot of the bed she smiled wide and untied it displaying her body giggling as Lloyd stared in awe. Getting into bed Joisu slowly slid up his body until they were face to face. Kissing deeply the two wrapped their arms around each other their passion mounting by the second. Sliding his hands around her back Lloyd thrilled at the feeling of soft fabric and supple skin surrounding him as Joisu used her nails to lightly scratch his chest sending a shiver up his spine. Her giggles soon turned into a moan as Lloyd moved his lips down past her neck and begin kissing her breasts. As his hardening cock pushed against her moist pussy Lloyd begin sucking on Joisu's breasts her nipples becoming hard as she lay atop him.

Finally it was too much and Joisu eased her wet womanhood onto Lloyd's member and the two cried out together. A moment later Joisu was riding up and down enjoying the feeling of being penetrated as Lloyd lay there a look of pure pleasure on his face. Joisue began panting louder and harder now as Lloyd begin to rub her ass then to her great thrill begin spanking it in time to her fucking. Soon it was too much and Joisu came hard before collapsing on the bed. Laying there a moment Lloyd smiled before reaching over and pulling her bathrobe off.

Joisu: You didn't warn me you were such a stud.

Lloyd: I am only as good as my lover.

Both grin as Lloyd slips back inside her and begins fucking Joisu hard and fast. Both groan loud as their bodies thread together fitting like a puzzle. Finally Lloyd locks lips with Joisu pouring his passion into her as he climaxes inside her. Finally both stop and untangle themselves but after a moment of breath-catching Joisu rolls over and lays her head on his chest.

Joisu: When are you going home anyway?

Lloyd: Not sure. Don't have a plan. Doesn't matter I'll never really leave your side My Angel.

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