Ya know your old when you can't find weed!!!  

rm_Rico0825 56M
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6/7/2006 3:00 pm

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6/8/2006 3:33 am

Ya know your old when you can't find weed!!!

Yeap, that's what I said. Since I have put the stop sign to alcohol because of my diet, I have been thinking about getting some weed.

See, my mind needs a rest here and there. Normal people could never understand. But when your ADD, your mind goes a racing. Like I said before, it's like watching 20 movies at one time, with 20 second cuts of each film intermixed, perplexing your mind.

That is why people with ADD are so likely to succumb to addiction. Because those drugs they take stop this effect.

But I refuse to take adderal, because of it's poisnous effects on the body. Not to say that alcohol doesn't do the same. weed does the best job so far.

And is far less poisoness. Now, I used to be able to get weed whenever I wanted. Of course that was when I was younger.

In the past two years my only sourse was my best friends boyfriend. But now they are on the loops???

Don't smoke weed that often anymore. Maybe two or three bags a year. That is .05 oz bags!!!LOL But what I realized today is I have no clue where to buy it??? Not a clue. I'm like man, I know I getting old when i can't find a DOOBIE TO SMOKE!!!!!

And I'm not doing that open market shit. I like to know who my dope is coming from. So this is yet another part of growing older that sucks!!!!

Maybe tonight I'll go around sniffing near rented rooms, wanting for that smell!!!LOL Knock on the door. "Sorry I have to come in. There is a leak below you!!!!LOL

No , I'd never go to that extreme. But it sucks. Rico wants a joint to blow and has no clue where to find it!!!!

BTW- NORML always needs contributions. Cool teeshirts, mugs,panties, etc.!!!!!!

Love ya all

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