What do you do when your called a racist?  

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6/27/2006 5:32 am

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What do you do when your called a racist?

Last night a young lady called me a racist. And it really hurt me. And usually insults bounce right off of me.

But being a victim of racism myself back in my high school years, this really opened up some old wounds.

I have a Jewish last name. Though I was raised a Roman Catholic. But this didn't stop some sickies from leaving KKK signs and the "K" word on my locker more than once.

So I have always been very sympathetic to black people.

This has led me to donate my time, skills and money to Habitat for Humanity, when we built three homes. All for low income black families. And when I was managing a low income apartment building, I rented an apartment to a single black women with two kids. I payed three months of rent for them, so the moother could get on her feet. And she did! And I never asked for even a thank you in return. Today this incredible women owns her own home and her children have flourished in a stable environment.

This same women I have done many repairs for on her new home. For free.

Am I patting myself on the back? No, because it was the right thing to do. The civil thing to do. I feel it was my obligation as a fellow human being.

I'm just trying to display the morals and ethics I believe in. And how unfair it is to be called such a word. Especially when this word was used because I simply stated fact.

As these two following articles will demonstrate. There is nothing more racist than using the race card to minimalize a culture and hide from responsibility.

I really hate to bring in facts and rational thinking into this, but when I am attacked I feel I need to fight back.

Please read the next two articles.

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