Welcome Spring, Women and Flowers.  

rm_Rico0825 56M
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4/4/2006 6:03 am
Welcome Spring, Women and Flowers.

I always knew by the end of winter most of us are in a kind of dull drum attitude.

The last few days in Jersey have been just wonderful. With the beautiful weather I noticed why most of us men get so bummed during the winter. The ladies go into hibernation!!!

But in the last few days, Wow, it is obvious this is true.

Beautiful women all around. Like beautiful Flowers sprouting from the ground, they make doing the most mundane of task that more pleasurable.

They are out walking their dogs, strolling with their children, laying in a soft bed of grass by a lake, washing their vehicles, just out and being beautiful.

Their is nothing more beautiful than watching a mother from afar with her young child. The love and nurturing is life at it's truest essence. It's comical to watch a mother and her teenage daughter on a shopping spree together. The love is there, but there a difference in ideology of what makes a "kickin" outfit isn't.

Now if spring would just come full bloom in Jersey( quite chilly today again) so would the flowers, and altimately the only thing on this earth more beautiful than the flowers, Women!

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