Weigh in Day!!! One Month  

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5/1/2006 4:56 am

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Weigh in Day!!! One Month

Weigh in went pretty well this morning. I measured a 4 pound drop from 255 to 251. The wieght losss hasn't been as great as I thought, but my pants are getting looser. Especially in the legs. In the waste there has been some minor loosening, But I am sure that will follow.

More importantly my blood pressure has undergone a major, major change. When I first started to do my walks my blood pressure averaged 140 over 100.

This morning was 130 over 82. And that is a high reading. During the week I had two readings in the range of 123 over 80 and one 121 over 79. Pulse has also been averaging 80 to 83. I think todays was higher because I took a break from my walk yesterday. Little Sugar was enough exercise for this old man yesterday. Damn that little lady can fuck. Yes, I know the month without sex vacation kind of went out the window. Read next post for spcifics.

Start of weight- 263
Weigh in one-259
Weigh in two -255
Weigh in three-255
Weigh in four-251.

That makes a 12 pound loss so far.

Still had my treat meal yeterday. Taco Bell Nachos BellGrande with Steak and Two Taco Supremes. You know, as I was stopping at the WaWa to get salsa, it really made me wonder why Taco Bell doesn't have salsa? Hello, Tacos, Nachos, all things that salsa go great with and some genious decided,"No we just ain't doing the salsa thing." Mind boggling when you think of it.

One day this week I was doing my jaunt up the Hill from Hell. When around the turn comes a Statey. That is State Police Car. I breathing pretty heavy when he stops me, "Sir, are you aware this is a private road?" I reply, "No Sir, In fact I'm pretty sure the tax payers of New Jersey own it considering we paid to have it built." Statey, "Sir are you also aware that open containers in this state are illegal?" Yes, folks, I was doing my walking with a bottle of Michelob Ultra Light instead of water. I answered, "Yes, I am aware of that but didn't think it would be a big issue out here." He asked what I was doing. I told him working out. I do six trips up and down the hill. He get's a big smile on his face and asks me, "So you are working out with a bottle of beer in tow?" Yes,I replied. He shakes his head and laughs then says" OK sir, go about your business, but I advise you in the future bring water along or at least put your beer in a plastic water bottle. And have good day ,sir." As he pulls away I hear him laughing as he starts talking on his radio, probably to tell all his fellow officers about the chubby guy working out with a beer as nourishment.

Like I told him "Baby steps, baby steps, officer."

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