Things that really IRK ME!!!!  

rm_Rico0825 56M
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6/15/2006 4:10 pm

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6/16/2006 4:59 am

Things that really IRK ME!!!!

People who are to lazy to use directionals!!! Any of you out there??????

People who wait in a long line at the grocery store, only to wait until their three carts have been compiled to start writing out a check. For starters their is this thing called a debit card!!! Checks should be outlawed. But if you insist on the checks, you know you are going to the freakin market!!! Write out the majority of the check ahead of time. or at least while you are waiting in line. not at the last possible moment!!!!! OH my God, my freakin head is about to explode!!!!LOL

Left Lane Dicks- they are people who cruise the passing lane at 65 on the NJ Turnpike and 295.

The freaking Caps Lock Key- I know this is my lacking in typing skills. But who the fuck ever uses the cap key anyway. Why the hell is it on the key board??? And if there are any computer savvy people out there, can you take the caps key out on a laptop like you can on a keyboard. I just bought one and it is driving me nuts!!!!

People who ask me why I am not married. I always go for shock and tell people I hate women.LOL When in reality I love them. Everything about them from their minds, hair, eyes, asses and souls.

People who use Mother Earth as their own personal ashtray. I love my friend Gina so much, but when she throws a smoke out the window, an argument is about to ensue.

Being in the hotel industry, I hate people who purposefully break shit, and claim it was that way when they entered the room. Then they want a discount. And 7 out of ten times they have a "I voted for Kerry" bumper sticker on their car.

Brainless Hollywood Socialists who put out ridiculous propaganda. That goes for musicians also. Just shut up and entertain us you asses!!! The Dixie Chicks are a lesson to be learned. Had to go to Canada to sell a concert ticket!!!!LOL Dumb asses!!!!LOL

Myself- I just bought a laptop. To smart for directions. Must have thrown them out with the box. Now I haven't a clue how to highlight. Did it once or twice. So if anyone can give me direction it would be appreciated. My mouse from old computer can't be hooked up to this. And in fact, can you hook a mouse up to this machine?

Wires and Cords- I can't wait until technology has reached the point that everything is wireless. Being a tradesmen, I don't know how much time out of my life has been spent unknotting,unsnagging, and having the prong detached from the receptacle. the cordless tools of today are my savior. Powerful, dependA- tHERE GOES THAT FUCKING CAPS LOCK AGAIN!!! That is dependable, and quickly rechargeable. keep it going engineers!!!! Your getting there!!!

Socialists- And most people don't even know what a socialist is. A socialist is in the spirit of AL gore or Hillary Clinton. they believe there are three different classes of society. They are the elite.... the brightest. Then there is the common folk. And then there are the useless. Now they have sympathy for the useless. But they fear the common folk. So they try to teach them how much the common folk need the government, to supply them with health care, drugs, and every other social program you can imagine. But of course at the cost of huge taxation. So in other words they feel they are far superior then you. They should take a good portion of your paycheck, because they can spend it better then you. That my good people is a socialist. About 3/4's of the Democratic Party, and like cockroaches the are intruding into the Republican Party. In fact it has reached the top. Look at the spending going on with Bush. Granted he is fighting a war and terrorism. But so much of that money is going to ridiculous pork barrel and social spending. Only difference is this ass cuts taxes and builds our debt??? Oh my Goddess, my head is about to explode!!!!!!

The Philadelphia Eagles- every time they lose, I am irked all week!!!

North Jersians- They give New Jersey a bad name by being so rude. They are mostly NYC relocates who bring their attitude with them. Us South Jersians call North Jersey, New York City On The Other Side. But from Princeton on down, people a far more friendly. A tale of two words in such a small state.

When I try and try but fail to make a women squirt. But being a man, I blame it on her. Like I said, if you can't do it yourself, how the hell do you expect me to do it!!!LOL

The fact that our brain dead government is still maintaing that pot is dangerous. This in fact shows the levels of government waste. 50 some years of study, wasted tax dollars to prove it's ill. And what do the have for proof??? Notta!!! Not a damn thing. Now they can't come out and say, "Sorry folks, we were wrong all along. With all the tax dollars spent, people put in jail and not to mention the amount of cops that would be laid off, judges unused, jail cells empty. But wait a minute folks, maybe, just maybe we could use this space and police and judges to get pedophiles, murderers, and off our streets for good????

Soccer- OK, I have given it a chance. I have watched thre World Cup Games. Bottom Line!!!! Soccer is a boring sport!!!!! God , i think i'd rather watch a love one get a root canal done.
American football is far superior. Far more technique, strategy. Plus you have to be smart to play football. Just in high schools our playbook was 130 pages long and you had to know it without thinking about it. Add in the confusion of the guy your suppose to take out isn't there, psychologically, soccer is greatly inferior. Granted soccer may be fum and safe to play. but to watch it??? I think I'd rather watch golf. Something I'd only have on my TV when I'm having sex or having a humongous hangover.

Keep up with the Jones's type materialists. Elitist who walk around with sweaters tied around themselves acting like they are better then all.

Metrosexuals- men who spend more time in hair salons getting their nails done, then they spend with their children. This is to you Puff Daddy Pussy and your ilk. Grow a dick and become a man for Goddess sake. Pampering is reserved for the ladies. No men need apply!!!!!!!!!!

Well I feel better now!!! But I reserve the right to re-embark on this trek of irkery.

And if I was at my old computer the pic would show the dude with his head up his ass.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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6/15/2006 5:08 pm

Rico ...
Sweetie ...
Deep Breath, in and out. And again ... Once more, in and out. Now stop that, I wasn't talking about in and out of there you naughty boy! *giggles*
Now that we have both thrown a fit this week, perhaps we should just calm down and cuddle. Come here, rest your head on my lovely breasts ... boobie hug!!!
Okay, well that made me feel better, sorry if I smooshed your nose a bit there hon, it'll be okay in a minute. Now, where were we? Oh yes ... calming down ...
Well maybe we should save that for tomorrow.


caressmewell 54F

6/15/2006 5:15 pm

I have to agree with you on the check/debit card pisses me off too!!

rm_Rico0825 56M
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6/15/2006 5:38 pm

I'm fine. I'd rather have it on a blog then in my heart..BG

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

6/15/2006 6:37 pm


Will ya summerize this please!!LOL

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