The Whackoes from the Right  

rm_Rico0825 56M
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1/31/2006 9:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Whackoes from the Right

Here we go, folks!!! And a bit premature. Alito is in and already the extreme whack's of the right, not to be outdone by the extreme whacks from the left, are already proposing abortion bans.

But aren't you anti-abortion? I'm sure someone is thinking.

YES, YES, YES. But I have two major problems with this rush to banishment. First thing is it should not be up to any arrogant politicians to propose bans on abortion. If Roe is overturned the American way to deal with abortion is to take the issue to the ballot box. Allow the people to decide. Not a bunch of silver spoon fed jerk-offs whose only allegiance is to whom warms their pockets the best.

The people and only the people should decide such a human and emotional issue. On a state by state basis. The strangest thing is that is the way America is suppose to work.

Second problem is these knuckleheads will still lose in the Supreme Court. We still need one more liberal whack to kick it or retire. So if they were smart they would move to have this issue put on their next election ballots. Then they would put the liberals is a position to explain why they are fighting the opportunity for their citizens to decide this issue as a sovereign state and not having the federal government decide for all. This is a Democratic Republic, not a Socialist shit whole like Canada and France.

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