Story Two, The Anti-Romeo and Sexual Misadventures of Rico  

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5/24/2006 3:36 pm

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Story Two, The Anti-Romeo and Sexual Misadventures of Rico

I realized when I first ran this post their was supposed to be two stories but the first ran a little long. So here is another splendid sexual misadventure of me, Rico, AKA, Bob, The epitome of you're average hard working guy.

This dates back again more years than I'd like to admit. I was building homes at the time. Framing is what they call it in the trade.

But there was pouring rain that day, and my partner and myself did some morning work putting in some drop ceilings and stairway landings, but were done noon.

So being the perverts we were, well actually I was the bad influence. Him being married and all.LOL But many construction guys end up in GO-GO joints on days that rain makes them unemployed.

So we end up getting pretty lit up, and at this bar they had great Buffalo Wings. In fact they had wings that were called KILLERS. If you finished off a 21 batch of them you got a coupon for $20.00. Food or booze.

So I took the challenge. Completed, but it was hard. If not for my special secret, ain't no way.

So it's about 7:00PM and arrive home to a pissed off women. She made me dinner that went cold. After a little apologizing and showing her I had a special account I set up for us to go on a cruise ,she came around.

I started getting playful with her. We were kissing, nibbling on her ear. For some reason this girl would get really hot when you just breathed your hot breath just under her chin.

So things are getting heavy. I got her shorts down and she is getting wet. I start opening u those sweet little lips, try to get to her clit.

She is sighing and moaning in acceptance, when suddenly, she starts to scream. She kicks me back with her foot against my shoulder. I'm asking, "What they fuck is wrong?" She starts yelling, "I'm burning, I'm burning, my pussy and inside. What the fuck did you put on me. I feel like I'm on fire!" She runs into the bathroom and she is rubbing her pussy with a wash rag.

It's about then my brilliant mind remembers the KILLER Buffalo Wings, realizing I never washed my hand except for the napkins they give you.

I ran to the fridge and got a carton of milk and told her to use it instead of water. It cuts big time down on the burn. It worked, and finally she was OK.

But that put me on the couch for a good two weeks. And she had a point. First thing is your coming home horny cause you are giving strippers money we could use, while your not making any?

Then I let it go, for you Romeo to set my pussy afire, in a completely different way??? Instead of with your tongue, KILLER Buffalo Wing Sauce.

That was the last go-go place I have ever gone into to. I that is the truth. But this one down the road has been catching my eye as of late!!LOL

This relationship didn't last to long after that, though I don't think the Buffalo Wing incident had to much to do with it.

You know love comes and goes, that is why so many of us are on here!!!!

But again I hope you got a giggle out of the life that is mine. I am a well meaning person, but sometimes I just do the dumbest things.

That's me, and I kind of like it that way. Here and there I don't.

sexyariesgirl 58F

5/24/2006 10:55 pm

Lordy darlin, you do make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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