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6/18/2006 3:53 pm

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This post is in response to a challenge by SexyDisaster30 in her post Do you want to know how your fellow bloggers really are in Real Life?

Well let's see the story of Bob.This should be fun. Bob and I have been great friends for ten years,Bob is a great friend, everybody has their problems with their friends,alot off times friends can be cruel and decieving,but not Bob.I have been through alot of hard times and bob is one of my only friends that has really ever been there for me and for my daughters. You can always talk to Bob about anything,he will always be as honest as possible whether good or as cruel as can be.Him and i have had or fights,and
they can be the meanest shit ever coming out of his mouth that you just want to beat him to a core, he also can be a very stubborn son of a bitch but no matter what you will always forgive him because he is just Bob the greatest most caring lovely best friend anyone could have no Batter the words that come from his mouth. But usually only that happens when bob has had to many beers. Yes, bob likes his beer,granted he has cut down a great deal and he finally seems to realize he can be so much more,he is starting to save is money and do good things with it,usually all he ever did with his money was buy beer,hot wings and cheese fries that was what bob ate all the time,but in the last two years bob has been contrating on what is best for him and is health.

Bob will always be a great part of life and my childrens life .Him and my oldest,my soon to be 6year old are very close and i know no matter what bob will alway protect her,including now that he has gotten alot more responiable in the last couple years. But just like bob if anyone where to hurt him, with my attitude which can be fierce,I will kick some ass.

Bob the greatest friend ever,the stubborn shit head,the honest talking,the greatest heart in the world.That is my best friend BOB.

Happy to write this His best friend GinaMarie

sexyariesgirl 58F

6/18/2006 9:41 pm

Wow! What a good friend you have there...and you are apparently a wonderful friend to her too! You are a lucky man.

Power To FOK

rm_Rico0825 56M
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6/19/2006 3:37 am

A nice friend that five years after we had the fight still harbours some resentment for it!!!LOL A fight in which I called her the "C" word. That is what she is talking about with the "meanest shit ever" comment.

But if I haven't learned anything I have learned never to use that word on a women you love and care about. That word is taboo.

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