Sex with a Angel -True Story  

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Sex with a Angel -True Story

Call me nuts, But this is a true story!

My friends and I have had this long weekend planned for months. We had rented a few rooms at a bed and breakfast that sat quietly on the shoreline in Cape May, New Jersey. I had been lucky enough to start this weekend three days earlier to get some quiet time with just myself. I had to rent a motel room until that Thursday when I would meet my friends at the bed and

On my second day there I went out for a late dinner and decided to take a long stroll down the beach. It was getting late as I walked and toked away on a joint. It was a beautiful breezy,
pleasant night. The sounds of the waves crashing into the earth illuminated by the moon light seemed spiritual,magical,soothing to the soul.

As I reached a sharp point on the beach I began to hear the softest sounds of a violin playing in the night. I reached the apex of this point and turned it’s corner and my eyes caught glimpse of a beautiful, curvy women and her violin caught in her own little world that was her violin, her music and her body, united as one.

As I listened I watched her long hair blow in the wind. The crashing waves seemed to compliment her every stroke of her violin. I crept closer and closer, when finally I found
myself on my knees, not three feet away admiring her beauty and talent.

She smiled at me as she played. She seemed to be a women out of this time. She dressed in a long flowing dress. She wore a hat in the style of the early 1900's atop her head. She seemed to be dressed in character of years gone pass.

When she finished one song she went directly into another. All the while smiling and looking me in the eye. As she played her knee popped out a slit in her dress as she lifted her foot atop a small rock. I longed to come closer and touch her skin. Like a piece of metal to a magnet I was lured closer and closer. I found my hand caressing up and down her leg as she showed

Little by little my hand worked it’s way higher and higher until my fingers felt her soft hairs of her pubic area. She had nothing on underneath and I enjoyed free access to her dampened pussy. I gently worked her pussy lips and exposed her bulging clitoris, as I rubbed it with my thumb. Sounds of pleasurable moaning now intermixed with the heavenly sounds of her violin, as she continued to play.

I stood and guided the bow down from her violin. I took them and laid them on the beach. I returned and began to unbutton the front of her dress. We engaged in a long deep kiss as I
continued to undress her. She was braless under her prairie styled dress. Her exquisite breast were revealed to my delight. I cupped them both in my hands and gently kissed them, teasing around her nipples. As I did her dress fell
from her shoulders and to the ground. I felt her hands on my head pushing down as I kissed my way down to her belly button. She was exerting more and more pressure to my head , yearning for my tongue to explore between her legs . She lifted one leg as I indulged fully in her dripping hot pussy. Slowly I lowered her to the ground and continued to eat and finger fuck her. Using the dripping juices of her pussy I slowly began to lube her sweet little bung hole. As I continued
to stimulate her with my tongue I began to finger fuck her asshole. I rolled her over to position her on hands and knees and began to tongue her asshole. She shivered in delight.
With each flick of the tongue and every insertion of a finger her asshole widened, asking for more.

I dropped my shorts to reveal my throbbing hardened cock. Without hesitation I thrust my swollen member deep inside this talented violinist. I started with slow easy strokes.
As her moans grew louder, the ferocity of my thrust escalated. Before long I was pumping her ass as if I were a bullroarer pumping oil from the deeps of the earth. I pulled her tight
to me ass I pounded away. I held her by her breast and kissed her neck and shoulders. As our bodies touched I felt a strange tingling throughout myself. As if I were being charged

With my last burst of energy I erupted into a violent body shaking orgasm as I felt her body convulse in delight in synch with mine. We both collapsed to the beach, laying close together in a fetal position as we could feel the pounding
of the waves reverb through the ground.

I don’t know how much time passed but eventually I awoke, laying alone on the beach. My shorts down below my knees. I looked in all directions for this incredible women. She was nowhere to be found. She and her violin gone, with not even a footprint to guide me to her. I wondered if it was all a dream. I wondered if that joint didn’t just get the best of me. But my hands were left with the delicate smell of her loving pussy. It had to have happened.

The next day I was left in a bewildered daze. Confused, a bit sad, but happy at the same time. Happy that I experienced this women. But still yearning for her again. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I searched up and down this beach all the next night hoping we would again meet. A women I had made love to yet never spoken a single word to. I wanted, no I needed more.

Check in day at the bed and breakfast had arrived. My friends and I spent hours sipping wine and exchanging life events that were new to us all. After dinner I finally made my way
to my room, hauling my bags up the stairs. As I reached the top of the landing a series of photos caught my eye. At the same time the women of this home waited for me to pass so she
could go down the steps. I stopped with a look of astonishment on my face as I peered at one photo. I asked the women who this women in this photo was. She replied that this women owned this bed and breakfast between 1922 and 1946. She
was a concert violinist in New York City who tragically drowned when being swept out by a rip tide.

That women in the picture was the same women I made love to two nights ago. I was in utter disbelief.

The women said, " Son, you look as if you have seen a ghost. Are you alright?" I replied, " I have not only seen a ghost, but I have made love with her on the beach, just the other night. At the point." The inn keeper gasped and walked away. The women wouldn’t look me in the eye the rest of the weekend. Later her husband told me his wife told him what I said and he was amazed because this women drowned right at the point and was never found. I told him to drop the whole subject because it was more than my mind could handle. He agreed, as we embarked on a conversation about the woes of the Philadelphia Phillies and other otherwise trivial things.

DukeAbbaddon 43M
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4/18/2006 11:36 am

well thats a nice story and your a verry derty man ! LOL

rm_Rico0825 56M
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4/18/2006 3:28 pm

    Quoting DukeAbbaddon:
    well thats a nice story and your a verry derty man ! LOL
I swear this isn't a story.

But I understand a persons skepticism.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Take care

DukeAbbaddon 43M
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4/22/2006 2:47 pm

    Quoting rm_Rico0825:
    I swear this isn't a story.

    But I understand a persons skepticism.

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    Take care
na i realy believe you becouse robbi had the same angel

still is ass so tempting ?

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