Psychedelic Mind- Or Attention Deficit Disorder  

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5/20/2006 5:44 pm

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Psychedelic Mind- Or Attention Deficit Disorder

I have had many people ask me what it is to be ADD. Some people, mostly macho assed men say it is just a lack of discipline.

The most aggravating thing is, it is just so hard to explain.

There is one very good commercial, about a house wife who suffers from it. In it there is just like a picture show running through her mind.

And that is really as close as you can get to make people understand what someone with ADD go through and what their life may be like.

With me, the best I can explain, is for you movie lovers, take your best 20 movies. Cut them into 20 second intervals, mix them all up into a big movie orgy, then let the film run. That is the mind I live with.

But I ain't bitching. With this thing also comes advantages. For one thing ADD people are the epitome of multitasking. Because their mind lives in multitask. That ain't stress baby, that's life.

But the hardest part was as a child. Especially before this thing was ever diagnosed. Teachers calling me lazy and my parents uncaring. I can still remember my Mom crying on the way home from a parent teacher counsel, because they proclaimed they just weren't pushing me hard enough

When my doctor first diagnosed me, in my early 30's , she said she could guarantee I held a job that was dependant upon multitasking. That being a job like a an administrative assistant, or as my body showed, a maintenance man.

Like she said we as humans navigate to ways to make a living in a way our minds can adapt. For an ADD to sit a and do single minded tasks would be impossible. So we navigate towards jobs where you can take your mind from one task to the next, and it is expected!!!LOL

The thing I hate the most about this shit is the constant searching for keys, phones, remotes when they are actually in my hand at the moment. And how my mind wonders when my best friend goes into a long story about what has been going though her life. As much as I care, my mind nastily wonders, and I get so frustrated and ashamed.

But as I have told others on here, there are some answers. Natural cures and foods that effect your mind in a positive way. I have read a book and it has done more good towards my ADD than any pill my doctor ever gave me.

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