My Sugar Baby Came Home- ALL Beat Up  

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4/22/2006 4:50 am

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My Sugar Baby Came Home- ALL Beat Up

Big Men with Empty Souls

And one with a bulls-eye on his back.

So I am in a dead sleep about 2:30AM last night. Way out of it from 3 Michelob Ultra's and a Xanax to boot.

I awake to a pounding on my door. I answer and my ex little sugar is standing out in the rain soaking wet, crying, and battered and bruised.

I bring her in and ask what has happened. Seems the new love in her life is not all she and I had hoped for.

After letting her soak in a hot tub for a while and a little help from one of those Xanies she starts to calm. I pat her dry and slip my favorite Flyers Jersey over her. It's so big on her it reaches her knees. So damn cute! But no time for that shit, this is serious.

She is settled down enough to talk about what had happened. Seems this new guy is a serious control freak. He punched her in the face after exiting a bar because she had the nerve to talk with some guy inside.

But it extends beyond physical abuse. She has to ask for permission to make phone calls. He times her trips to the store. He checks receipts to make sure she bought exactly what she was sent there for.

I told her "Honey, what have I been drumming into your head the last year. That is know your value, your worth, and demand nothing less from any person in your life!!

She swears she is done with this creep. As we laid side by side, I held her tight the rest of the night. The poor kid still had periods of the shakes and tears. I just have a broken heart for her. She seemed so damn happy and in love. And as much as I missed our visits, that was fine with me.

Now she lays quietly in my bed, only to eventually wake up ( knowing her around noon) to the reality of some very tough decisions. I just pray she has the courage and humility to cut her losses and get rid of this freak before he really hurts her.

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