Liberals, Minimum Wage, and Illegal Aliens  

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2/11/2006 11:08 am

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Liberals, Minimum Wage, and Illegal Aliens

In October of this year the minimum wage in Jersey is going up to $7.15 an hour. This after the cries of many of the ultra liberal, socialist, fraud mongers who legislate this state cried that it would be racist not to allow this increase. The citizens of New jersey deserved this increase. It would effect millions of disadvantaged people and help draw black youth from the lures of drug sales etc.

Now we swing our attention to the illegal invasion of our country from the south. The liberals and some conservatives maintain that we need these people to do the dirty work of our country. Jobs nobody else wants. Now common sense would tell the jobs these knuckleheads are talking about are minimum wage. These jobs are the crop pickers, the maids, the kitchen janitors etc.

Now my question is,,, What the fuck is it. Do we have to raise the wages to keep black kids from dealing drugs, or is it that these kids wouldn't take these jobs for 7.15 an hour. So we need to allow people who shouldn't even be here to have these jobs.

So if you listen to the the brain dead liberal squeal, we are actually raising the minimum wage so people who are breaking the law for being in our country can make more money.

You have to be kidding me!!!! Get these motherfuckers out of my country. I have no problem with a $7.15 an hour minimum wage. But I'd be damned if it should go to people who don't belong here. If they want to enjoy the freedoms of this country ( the one their own scum bag leaders deplore and take every and any chance to mock)they have to do it the right way. I'm all for a workers program etc, but we can't have these people running willy nilly about our country.

I believe this threat is far greater than terrorism. In fact they may be one in the same.

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