In all fairness. profile is back on.  

rm_Rico0825 55M
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7/13/2006 7:51 am

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7/14/2006 2:40 am

In all fairness. profile is back on.

Finally, after three days my profile is back on. Yesterday I sent them an email demanding to be told exactly what the problem is with my profile was.

Didn't get an email back, but as of now my profile seems to be on.

No explanation or apology. Don't know who runs their consumer affairs dept. But they are doing one lousy assed job.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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7/13/2006 10:05 am

It was jealousy of that super sexy mug of yours ... Tee Hee ...


rm_Rico0825 replies on 7/13/2006 2:50 pm:
And where thet hell have you been Angel!!!! Three whacks to that wonerful rump you have. Got the IM. Sorry I was at the bar. Go figure?

sexyariesgirl 58F

7/13/2006 5:03 pm

Hey Sweetie! Glad your profile is back up. shower filter came today! Man that was fast....I can't wait to try it out.....HUGGS.....

Power To FOK

rm_Rico0825 replies on 7/13/2006 7:57 pm:
Damn that is fast!!!! I wanted to give you a warning about the whole house sytem. The thing about them is you still should use filters at the faucet because there is all kinds of metals and toxins that can be picked up through you normal plumbing lines.

If people saw what I do when I open up pipes. Calcium, and things i can't describe. Not to mention the particulets that come from the copper, steel or plastic. So really the closer the filter is to the water touching your skin or lips the better.

But a combination has to be awesome.

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