If an Angel was in my bed?  

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6/24/2006 6:32 pm

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If an Angel was in my bed?

I would start by stroking her beautiful hair, in between slight massages of her shoulders that would only be interrupted by slighter caresses that slowly traveled from her shoulder, to her neck, under her ear lobe, to eventually stroke between her chin and cheek and then back down again.

All along I would whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Allowing the hot breathe from my mouth to tease her skin.

I would clasp her hair into a pony tail with my fingers, to expose the back of her neck. I would bring my mouth closer, again letting the warm air from within me tease her soft skin. When the time was right I would gently kiss her on the back of her neck.

It is time that I would pull out my teasing feather. And teasing it would do. The feather would replace my lips on the back of her neck. I would be careful not to touch her anywhere else, in fear it would distract from the fun at hand.

Ever so slowly, with different pressures I would move the feather from her hair line, down her neck. I would be yearning to take a taste of her beautiful strong sexy shoulders. But I would be disciplined in knowing what was to come.

The feather would slowly make it's way down her back. Detouring at her shoulder blades. And then straight down her spine until it finally reached her beautiful tattoo. The feather would follow every inch of that artistry, when finally it was right above the crack of her ass. Ever, ever so slowly, it would tease the outer most reaches of that wonderful place. By now my lips would again be kissing her neck, as I put her chin into my hand to guide her head towards me so we could engage in a passionate kiss. Her lips are so moist and wonderful. She is fresh as a spring morning breeze. She would be turned on by my obvious excitement. By my breathing and the feeling of my cock touching her from behind.

I would slowly work my tongue and lips down her spine, as I delicately massaged her shoulders. Once I came upon her tattoo, I would do the same as I did with the feather, but with my tongue. Meanwhile I would start to rub her moistened pussy, occasionally bringing my fingers to my mouth for a taste.

Every so often, my fingers would move from her beautiful pussy, quickly past her cute little bung hole, and eventually the crack of her ass. And slowly return to it's starting point. And where my fingers traveled my tongue would follow.

I would gently guide her to her knees and return my lips to her lower spine. Tease her with my tongue again in the area of her tattoo. And eventually, it would reach that beautiful crack. My finger would be rubbing her clit as my tongue teased up and down her ass. I would start to realize her signals by the movement of her hips. What felt good and what didn't. How much pressure and where. When slowly my finger would enter her pussy. In and out so slowly. Feeling inside her for that perfect spot. And when that spot was realized, I would add another finger to this fun, while gaining speed and momentum. Also keeping in mind that magical spot I searched so hard for.

Once the sounds coming from her mouth were born out of shear pleasure, my tongue would slightly touch her sweet asshole. Teasing around it like a series of darts that just can't find the bulls eye. But eventually, that bulls eye would happen. Very lightly at first, but with growing speed and pressure, all the while my fingers pumping her creaming twat.

By now her moans and words would excite me to the brink of lost composure. "Oh my god, ohhh fuck" she is yelling. " Don't stop, please don't stop." She would have no worry.

I would pull out of my "bag of fun" an eight inch dildo and slowly slide it into her pussy. Her asshole is widened and excepting, as I continue to lick her deeper and deeper.

"Do you want it faster?" I would ask. "Do you want it deeper?" As I tease her pussy with that toy. " Do you want to teach me how you like it?"

"Just put it in me, please" she begged. "Do you think you deserve it?" "Fuck me , please fuck me!"

I would take a break to gain my composure and move up to her and look her in the eyes. "Are you ready, are you ready for it all?" I would ask. And when she began to speak I would cut her off with another long passionate kiss. "Your ready, aren't you sweetie?" And she would nod yes.

I would whisper in her ear to get back on her knees. Rub that pussy with the wet dildo, remembering again that special spot within her that turns her body into a quivering uncontrolled spasm of delight. And just at that point, I would enter her sweet asshole with my cock. My hope would be for her eyes to roll back into her head in delight. Once inside her, I would pull her up against my chest, coddling her milky breasts with my hands. " Are you alright?" I would ask. "Yes, Yes, Please don't stop!" She would say as I kissed her on the cheek. During this time the dildo would have fallen from her pussy. I would gently guide her down so her hands and arms again supported her weight. "Now sweetie, that's a bad girl. You have to keep that inside you" As I playfully slapped her ass cheeks. She would giggle and lustfully tell me to put it back in. And I would oblige.

And shortly to follow I would guide my cock back into her ass. In and out, slowly gaining speed. I would try keeping a similar pace with the dildo, and then reverse to see what had the greatest effect on her pleasure.

"Come on talk to me baby, tell me how you like it in the puss. Is this the spot, or here, a little deeper?" By now SweetDarlin is panting in acceptance and wanting more.

When just at the right moment, I switch that wonderful toy on. This vibration not only delights her, but I can feel the vibration as I pump her ass. Before long she is pounding the bed with her fists, as I loose all control, I pull my cock from her ass, as the cum blasts out with the strength of a geyser. Covering her ass and back. And I slowly massage it into her soft milky skin. " It's so hot", she mumbles as I continue to rub it deep into her skin.

"Come on sweetie, lay on your back." "What are you going to do to me now?" She asks. "Just lay back and enjoy yourself." It's your turn to cum now, SweetDarlin " I tell her. By now she is willing to except my every command.

I take that wonderful fun toy back into my hand. I start eating her dripping wet pussy, only to stop to dip the dildo into her so her juices lubricate that life like mass of cock. I return back to my long awaited dinner, as I slowly start to penetrate her ass with the toy. With my left hand I caress the her belly, a mound glimmering and nurturing the miracle of life. Her clit is bulging, filled with blood just as my cock is once again.

I move to my knees so I can better steer that dildo, as I rub her clit with the fingers of my hand. She moves her hand down and takes mine into hers. She guides me, as if she was masturbating. Taking control of my hand. I'm kissing her belly that is consumed with life. Once again, just at the right time, I start that toy up, but this time it is stroking her ass.

In an instant, her body begins to shake, She arches her back up, as beautiful screams of enjoyment echo in the room. With one final push, SweetDarlin erupts like a volcano, squirting her love juice all over me.

"SweetDarlin, Look what you went and did. You got me all messy." I said with my stupid grin.

"Is that my reward?" As I moved back up to we were face to face. " Did you enjoy yourself?" As I kissed her lips, chin and and cheeks. " I promise I'll do better next time, if you would give me another chance?"

"Shut up and kiss me you silly fool!" She whispered, as she giggled. "Yeah, I think you may get another chance. If your a good boy."

sexyariesgirl 59F

6/25/2006 6:44 am

WOW! (looking around to see where Sweet Baby has gotten off to)

Power To FOK

rm_Rico0825 replies on 6/25/2006 8:52 am:
I don't think angel has been feeling to well recently. I'm a little worried for her. My guess is she'll re-appear somewhere around Weds. I emailed her and told that these blogs just aren't the same with her gone.

But life is more imporatnt than the blogs. And this lady has a lot of life going on at her home!!!LOL


SweetDarlinAngel 41F
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6/26/2006 8:40 am

You naughty imaginative thing you! I never knew you had that kind of detail in you ... now I must think of ways to use it to my advantage ...

Ponders all the ways she take this new found horny friend to new heights...

I loved the story. BTW, who have been talking to know me well enough to figure out exactly how I"d react to most of that? Who are your sources?



rm_Rico0825 replies on 6/26/2006 2:34 pm:
I have no sources. That is just me being me. And I have been smacked a few times in the face for being me!!!

But like I always say, " It's your loss sweetheart. Go and find a Mormon to get busy with."

Now I have to check my email!!

I'm glad you liked it!!!

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