If I were a millionaire.  

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2/27/2006 1:30 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

If I were a millionaire.

We were talking about the lucky folks that hit the record lottery. Of course the question was, What would you do with it?

Me, I have always wanted to start a not for profit national orginization to aid the Children of the Street. Runaways. Not a band aid bullshit approach like most out there. But one that gives these kids a safe refuge. A refuge that gaurenteed them the chance to learn a trade or study whatever they wanted. A refuge that is separated by gender. And the consultants that volunteer are successful yet humble people , of whom they could look up to as role models.

It has always been infuriating to me that these kids get treated as the criminals when most often the criminals are the people who were charged with the most important job on Earth. Parenting. In most cases incest is the culprit. Sometimes drug and often a combination.

But beside that, if I were rich? Socks and underwear. I would never wear either twice. A fresh pair or brief for evrytime I came from the shower. Now that would be awesome. Nothing like the feel of brand new undies and socks. Of course that would cause me to buy a shit load of Fruit of the Loom stock.

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