How Tired Can You Get  

rm_Rico0825 56M
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5/22/2006 6:15 pm

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5/24/2006 4:13 am

How Tired Can You Get

At this moment I am as spent a one could be. Emotionally and physically.

My job has taken a big toll on me recently. There has been pool to get ready for Memorial Day. Make it healthy and safe, when in reality it needs a complete rehab. But you all know about the money thing. And one thing I'd say for my boss, if the bucks were there he'd do it.

Then there is Little Sugar, or the absence of. Actually, tonight was one of our get together nights. And you know what, I just wouldn't have the energy tonight to give her the gusto she deserves. I will think of her, but she chose her path, and the hell they will follow. Bless her soul.

So I am more than happy sitting typing at my computer, listening to some music, with a bed beside me and a long sleep ahead of me.

Might even throw down one of those Xanax the Drs. tell me I need for anxiety. No anxiety tonight, but they sure do put you to sleep.

I'm just beat up and tired. My face is red. From 60 degree weather. But working in a pool that is white, well, it's reflection I guess. But my face burns like I spent a day on a summer beach down the shore.

Pure Bread European. Maybe this year I'll actually tan a little. Doubtful, I burn... peel... and burn again.

You know what weird, as I am typing my Real Play is running through my whole content. OH Holy Night by Irma Thomas is playing. What a song. This lady could sing a tune!!! Here I am facing Memorial Day and a Xmas song is giving me relief. That is beautiful.

And I ain't no Christian. Unless you replace God as a gal???? But I do believe in Jesus. And believe he died for his beliefs.

Oh God..... now Norah Jones is on. What I would do to that little hottie!!! Plus she can sing like an angel!!! So cool.

Well just a goodnight ramble from Rico.

Good night and Blessed Be all.

That is is my goodnight prayer.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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5/23/2006 4:59 pm

{=} for you Rico,
Sometimes music isn't really about a season or a holiday. It is all about a feeling. I sing songs all year that have nothing to do with the weather or the season or the holiday but the feelings I have inside of me. When I sing from my heart, it sounds pure and beautiful. When I sing to entertain someone, it always comes across winded and hollow somehow. I'll bet Norah Jones sang that song when she felt it, not when the snow fell perfectly. But that is probably just my opinion, be it as it may.
Take care sweetie,


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