First Mothers Day Without a Mom to Give Flowers To.  

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5/14/2006 8:08 am

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First Mothers Day Without a Mom to Give Flowers To.

Yeap, so unfortunately true. Last year I visited my Mom with a set of flowers that were in a little tea pot. Thought is was nice cause the tea pot could be used after the flowers withered.

She didn't get to use that tea pot much, because it wasn't long after she fell ill. Spent a good month in ICU and seemed to be getting better, and was moved to an elderly care facility for rehabilitation. She was suppose to be coming home in a week or two, when one day I got the call at work, your Mom collapsed during her physical therapy. Heart failure it turned out to be.

It was August 2nd she eventually passed. Just 13 months after my father died of pancreatic cancer.

Man, let me tell you, I was blessed to have those people in my life. The best parents a child could dream of. My Dad, no nonsense kind of man. If you ever watch the sitcom, That 70's Show, Red, the father, he was my Dad 100%. Right down to at least once a day calling me a dumb ass, and the warning off his foot up my ass, and rightfully deserved I can be sure!!!!LOL I love watching that show because it is an exact replica of my life around that time.

My Mom, she was always there, for every scrape, bruise, or fight with one of my sisters. We always had dinner together, 5:15PM on the nose. I was always in the neighborhood playing, when she would ring that dinner bell, I can still here it today. I'd come a running, cause tardiness was not an option.

My parents, I loved them, but they sure as hell weren't my friends. Like so many parents try to be today. Bad, bad idea folks. But they were my mentors, protectors, disciplinarians, teachers, and my role models. I didn't need a Mike Schmidt or teacher at school to teach me how to live. It was done where it is supposed to be, at home.

My Mom started working as we all grew older, not out want, but need. So my oldest sister could go to college. But my parents understood about sacrifice. Never owned a new car, we (cut our own grass, my Mom was my barber, never even had a dish washer, hell that was us kids!!!LOL Could have had all the fringes, if my Mom worked a full time job. But they were very prudent people, and understood the need for family structure.

I remember for a short time I was given the nickname BoBo, because I always wore Kmart sneakers instead of Converse. But my parents taught me humility, I laughed along with the jokers and the names soon faded away. And my poor sisters, with the hand me downs. There I was lucky, only boy in the home except for Dad. And my Dad, owned all works clothes, and one suit that got worn every great now and then. Usually on Easter and Xmas.

And you Mom, I still laugh at the day when I came for dinner. How she cautiously brought it up, the fact I had no girlfriend and was unmarried at the age of 31. I remember her saying, "Bob, it's OK if your a little different." LOL Her way of asking if I was gay. LOL It was the look in her eye and the sound in her voice as my father nervously shuffled his food around his plate that still makes me laugh. She assured they would still love me. It was so sweet and comical. Though they were serious as could be.

I'm so sorry I didn't give you a grandchild, Mom, thanks to a selfish baby killer that I hate to this day. You were so right by saying," Your character can be summed up by the company you keep." It was proof positive the days I slept with that selfish whore. Up to then my character was a big zero. Little did you know the day we had that dinner I should have been toting along a newborn grandchild. All I can do is shake my head and wonder why. And I sure have learned from that day. My life a 180' turn around. Haven't been in trouble with the police once since then. At least that- you did get to see. That is a wild corn fed farm boy turn into a man. Though you never understood cause for this overnight change.

So on this Mothers Day, Mom I still will take time to give you flowers from my heart and a BIG HUG of thanks. For I had the best Mother a man could have ever dreamed of. And I know your still watching over my shoulder, protecting me from afar.

I miss you everyday Mom and think of you often.

Mom, I love You and miss you, I'll see you on the other side when my time is due. And you are apart of me on earth everyday. That I hold dear.

Love from your son,


sexyariesgirl 58F

5/14/2006 4:27 pm

Sweetheart, I am so sorry your Mom is not here for you to give her a hug today. This was the most precious tribute not only to your Mother but to your Father as well. Thinking of you!

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