Bad Little Kitty  

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4/5/2006 9:22 am

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Bad Little Kitty

This happened about six years ago- something I'll never forget.

This story is not so erotic and leans to the more painful- yet comical side. I was doing maintenance work at an apartment complex which was 100% college student.

I was old enough to be the father of these coeds but there was this one little hottie who just gave me a rush every time I would see her.

Voluptuous, sexy, curvy, and sweet. I had often fantasized about having sex with this young lady but just took it at that- pure fantasy.

I had driven 60 miles to my parents home to visit on a Thanksgiving day. Just like clock work after a few bites of turkey my pager
goes off. I make the call and this young lady answers the phone explaining her heat wasn't working. I told her I would be there in a hour and to just cuddle up.

I apologized to Mom and headed back home to go to work. I arrived to this ghost town of an apartment complex to see her cute little Miata sitting by itself in the parking lot. When
she answered the door I was once again struck by her beauty. She was wearing a pair a silk shorts and a tee-shirt with no bra. Her nipples were poking out of the shirt do the the chilled
air. I just thought to myself- "Wow, what a masterpiece this young lady is." I also wondered if it is so cold why she didn't throw a sweatshirt or sweater on.

As I am working on her heat she offers me a beeror wine and I accept. I asked her why she was alone on a Thanksgiving holiday. She explained Mom and Dad decided to spend it in Rio and left her to fend by herself. I felt so bad for her.

I told her my Mom gave me a huge plate to bring home with me. Turkey, Mash potato, stuffing, cheese cake, the works.

She apologized and said she felt so bad about taking me away from my family. I offered to bring in the plate and she smiled. By then I
had the heat solved and was putting on my coat to leave. She asked if I would stay and have some wine with her and just talk. Plus eating Thanks Giving dinner alone was more depressing than not eating it at all. Out of the kindness of my heart I obliged.

After a good meal and working on our third bottle of wine she started to get playful. She mentioned that for an old dude I was pretty cute. The next thing I know is this Adonis,
this Goddess was kissing me.

From there I find myself eating her gorgeous sweet pussy. I swore this could not really be happening. I was as hard as a man could get. I began banging her real hard when suddenly I saw her cat watching us. The little guys head was moving back and forth like a bobble-head
doll. I started laughing and she asked in an insulted voice "what the fuck is so
funny." I lifted up so she could see her kitten and she giggled. She threw her silk shorts at the kitten to scare it away as I started
up again. The kitten took that as if her mom was playing. I kept attention on banging this beautiful young women. I'm not far from blowing a load when suddenly the kitten attacks my (flapping in the air) ball sack as if it was a mouse running across the floor. My ecstasy turned
to horror as I felt the little hunters claws and teeth pierce through my ball sack. It was if someone was giving me about ten hypodermic needles down there. I screamed and jumped.
I put all my weight pushing up on this poor girls breast. So here I am on the floor with bleeding balls and the young goddess is in pain and breathless from a shot to the tits.
As we recovered we sat and laughed. She got tissue and nursed my balls until they stopped bleeding, as we continued to enjoy periods of laughter. We spent the night together and then she asked if I could come over on Saturday because her roommate would be back on Sunday. I agreed only under the condition that the cute
little cat had to be locked away for a few hours in her roommates room. She agreed with her cute little giggle. Needless to say it was a sad day when this young women graduated and headed out into life. Things haven't been the same since.

TickleMeBBW 37F

5/11/2006 11:36 pm

A gorgeous story, sorry for laughing so hard.

Kisses and licks, Tickles

rm_Rico0825 56M
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5/12/2006 5:14 pm

    Quoting TickleMeBBW:
    A gorgeous story, sorry for laughing so hard.

    Kisses and licks, Tickles
No bother, it's a funny memory I enjoy. The things that can happen during sex!!!LOL

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