Alec Baldwin is a Commie!!!!  

rm_Rico0825 55M
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3/30/2006 3:37 pm
Alec Baldwin is a Commie!!!!

And that's not just calling names like good old Alec did last week on the Shawn Hannity Radio Show.

Now, I'm not much of a Hannity fan. Good man, but the kind I would be gracious with a handshake and a polite goodbye. But I came upon this radio call on the web.

The thing that pissed me off was that one of Badwins totally immature jests that Hannity held the indignity of working as a carpenter while he was making his way through college.

Because of that he was a boob?

In a instance, all of the elite arrogance of Holly Wood came through.

Let me tell ya something...Baldwin, without carpenters, plumbers, electricians, laborers, that are what you would say are boobs, your no talent ass and living on a smile useless piece of shit wouldn't have the chance to live on a pretty smile.

Then I started to Google this faggot. Faggot = Disgraced Males. Not his sexual orientation. Could care less what he does with his dick, it's the mouth that is good old Alec's problem. I swear that wasn't a joke!!

When summed up simply, his political approach is simply Communist. He believes their is an elite. They can venture, deal and dabble, start up companies, etc.. Like all Americans enjoy at this moment. That Elite I suspect would solely be determined by a persons occupation and or wealth.

The rest of the people would ideally live a great life. Guaranteed jobs, guaranteed place to live( working or not).

But what this knucklehead doesn't understand that with his right to free enterprise, would eventually go his right to speech. Because the same rich men,women and families would run the government. Year after year. With elections or not. There would be no change. And there certainly wouldn't be free speech or even a Constitution after a generation or two. Guaranteed.

Look people, America is the greatest country on Earth. The reason is because of free enterprise. Any Joe, Dick or Harry can come up with an idea, put it on paper, and become a millionaire. But there are no guarantees. Not even a job. And that is what drives America since it's earliest days. Competition!!!

When people sit in mindless jobs with no reason for extra effort, with no fear of losing that job because their housing is also guaranteed, well it's like a stream failing to run. It becomes stagnant.

Look at the riots in France. The only thing that motivates these people is the chance they may lose all of these guarantees. While at a time their country should be prospering like America is.

So Alec, I say to you, You are a Hollywood Boob. You are a silicone phoney boob at that. Your a coward by your actions as evidence last week. Your a Communist by moral constitution, and your basically a very stupid person.

Yet you spout and even dumber people listen.

And they are the only people hearing your speak.

Alec, you coward, you had your chance to speak all the words for the warped liberal left. All you did was call names like a kindergartner in a fight over hop-scotch.

Your a disgrace to men- faggot.

Not to mention you made Kim bassinger sad.

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