Story - The Sperm Donation part 1  

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Story - The Sperm Donation part 1

The Sperm Donation

Jack found the small advertisement in the
local newspaper.

"Sperm donors needed. To apply please
come to.." with the number and street of
a local address. Intrigued, Jack decided
to go down and check it out since the
next day was his day off.

The address brought him to a
nondescript office in an industrial park
with nothing special to distinguish it, He
went inside and introduced himself to
the receptionist he found inside. He
was directed to wait and someone
would be available to interview him

After a few minutes he was called in and
a woman doctor talked to him for a few
minutes, asking him questions about his
health. Then he was given a physical exam
and a blood test. Then they were done and
he was told to return next week to make
his first donation.

The week passed quickly and soon the
appointed day for his first donation came.
He returned to the same nondescript
office as before and was instructed to wait
for a few minutes.

Finally a woman appeared and called Jack's
name. He stood up to indicate he was the
one she was seeking. The woman was
Asian and dressed in a short white dress
which came down to mid-thigh.

"Hello, I'm Mei," the woman introduced


"Follow me please," she said turning and
walking through an open doorway. Jack
followed and found himself in a hallway with
several closed doors on each side. The
woman led the way to one of these and
opened the door and entered. Jack followed,
closing the door behind him.

Inside it looked somewhat like the standard
medical office exam/treatment room, with an
examination table in the middle.

"Please undress and lie down on the table,"
Mei instructed as she busied herself with
something on a table against the wall. Jack
was a bit curious because the medical exam
had been last week but he complied. The
paper covering the table crackled as he
sat back on it after removing his clothes. Mei
was busy for a couple more minutes before
she finally turned back toward Jack.

"Usually what would happen now on most
other places is you would be given a cup
and a magazine in a room by yourself." Mei
explained. "But here we feel we achieve a
better result by providing assistance to our
donors. That's why I am here with you, to
help you give us the high quality sperm we

Jack sat still in surprise for a moment and
then realized this might be even more fun
than he first thought. "What should I do?"
he asked.

"Just lay back and let me take care of
everything," Mei replied.

"OK," he said and lay back on the table, the
paper crackling more as he moved. His penis
was starting to respond as well, starting to
swell with the beginning of an erection.

"What I am going to do is stimulate your
penis with my hands until you reach orgasm.
I'll catch your semen with this container,"
Mei said. She showed Jack a glass tube with
a flared end large enough to fit over the
head of his cock. Mei set it aside within
easy reach and turned her attention to Jack's

"Ah, good, starting on a good erection
already I see," Mei commented as she took
Jack's cock in her right hand and began to
stroke it. Jack felt a strong surge of pleasure
and excitement flow through his body from
his now fully erect cock.

"By the way, I'm not wearing anything under
this dress," Mei told him. This excited Jack
even more and Mei smiled when she felt the
penis in her hand become even harder. "You
can check it if you want, it's OK if you touch
me," she added.

Since Mei was standing on his right side he
reached down with his right hand toward
Mei's thigh. She smiled at him when his hand
touched her thigh. "Go ahead," she told him.

The feel of Mei's skin excited Jack even more
and sent a new surge of pleasure through
him. He slid his hand up Mei's thigh and
Soon felt the swell of one of her buttocks. He
continued up until he reached her waist and
discovered she was correct, she had nothing
on under her dress.

Jack moved his hand back down to Mei's
bottom and cupped her round buttock with
his hand. Mei smiled at him as he gave it a
gentle squeeze.

"You can touch my pussy if you want to," Mei
said with a bigger smile.

Jack reached around to her front and found
she was shaved and wet. Mei's pussy lips were
cool and smooth to his touch as his fingers
brushed across them. Mei spread her legs a
little to give Jack better access to her

Mei noticed Jack's penis was starting to get
really hard now and the head was tight and
swollen. She knew he was going to orgasm soon
and she reached for the container she would

Mei redoubled her efforts on Jack's cock and
soon felt his cock making that final tensing
before orgasm. She brought the container to
the tip of his penis and waited for him to
cum. She did not have long to wait.

Suddenly Mei felt the penis in her hand spasm
and a jet of white semen jetted into the glass
container. Mei watched fascinated, she loved
watching the semen squirt out of a man's penis
when he orgasmed. She watched as several more
spurts of cum jetted into the container,
splashing against the glass wall at the end.
She continued to stroke Jack's cock with her
hand to milk out all the sperm.

When Jack's orgasmic spasms finally slowed and
the last few drops of semen dropped into the
container Mei drew it aside. Holding the now
filled container carefully bent down and licked
the head of Jack's penis. Her tongue cleaned away
the last drop of semen that clung to the tip.

Mei released jack's penis and turned away to
the table. She worked for a few moments to
prepare the load of semen she had just
collected from Jack. Then she left the room
still carrying the filled container, leaving
Jack laying exhausted on the table.

After a few minutes Mei came back into the
room, her hands empty now. She came up to
the table on which Jack was still laying
and smiled at him. "We're done for today
but if you want to stay for a while I have
some extra time. I like you Jack and I
would like to get another donation, just
for me." Mei told him.

"Sure! I have plenty of time," Jack replied,
still laying naked on the exam table.

"Great!" Mei said. She grabbed the hem of her
dress and pulled it off over her head. Just
as she had told Jack earlier she was wearing
nothing under it.

She had small breasts with dark nipples which
were already erect with excitement. Her
shaved pussy and small breasts made her look
like a little girl but this only increased
her attractiveness. Jack thought she was
beautiful and he felt a renewed excitement
already. Mei smiled when she saw his cock start
to stir once again.

"This time I have a different container for
your donation, Jack. Me!" Mei said as she
came to stand next to the table on which
Jack lay. "Do you want to ejaculate inside
me this time?"

"Oh yeah!" Jack replied. A strong surge
of excitement thrilled through him. His penis
started to swell with the idea he would
soon fuck this cute Asian girl.

"Great!" Mei said with a big smile. "Just like
before, just let me take care of everything."

Mei reached down and took Jack's cock in
her hand and stroked it a few times.
Despite having cum only a few minutes ago
Jack was already hard once again. Mei
climbed up on the table with Jack and slid
herself full length onto his body. Jack
moved his hands to the Asian girl's ass as
she leaned down to kiss him. The two kissed
as Jack continues to explore Mei's ass
cheeks with his hands.

Mei reached back and grasped Jack's
hard cock with her right hand. She rubbed
the head of it against her pussy for a
moment, seeking the opening. She found
it and started pushing back, which caused
Jack's cock to push into her wet pussy.

For Jack the feel of his cock entering the
Asian girl's pussy was exquisite.
It had already been a fun and pleasurable
experience for him and now it was even better.
Jack and the girl both
moaned with as his cock slowly filled
the girl's pussy. She smiled at him when she
finally had Jack's cock fully
inside herself.

Mei began to move up and down on
Jack's cock now. Her tight, wet pussy
felt wonderful as she moved. Jack put
his hands on her hips and started pushing
up to meet her downward strokes. Mei
increased her pace and Jack felt she was
going to cum soon. It seems the previous
session had excited her too, and now
it was her turn for satisfaction and she
wanted it all.

"This time I want you to ejaculate inside
my vagina," Mei told him as she rode his
cock. "I want you to cum in me."

This excited Jack even more and he pushed
up into the girl's pussy even harder than
before. He felt her pussy squeezing his
cock firmly as she rode him. Mei's
movements became frenzied as she reached
her orgasm. She moaned as the pleasure
of it filled her body. She dropped her
body to lay on Jack's chest.

This was too much for Jack and he
began to cum, too. He pushed his cock as
deep into the girl's pussy as he could.
Mei squealed as she felt Jack's cock start
to squirt hot semen into her pussy.
Mei ground her pussy against Jack
as she felt him cum. This brought
her to another quick climax as Jack
finished inside her.

Mei slowly relaxed while remaining
on top of Jack, his cock still inside
her pussy. Mei rested on top of him
for a few minutes, her naked form a
pleasant weight on Jack's chest.

Mei stirred and lifted herself off
Jack, rolling off to lie on the
table next to Jack. She sat up and
then slid off the table to stand. She
walked over to the desk and sat down.
With that she was suddenly back to her
professional persona.

"You are finished for today. We will
call you when we need you again," Mei
told him. She pulled her dress on over
her head and left the room.

As soon as Mei was gone Jack got dressed
and went home.

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nice fantasy!

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