Saturday off, at last...  

rm_Rich1441 60M
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3/26/2006 12:06 am
Saturday off, at last...

For the first time in three months I had Saturday off and I've really missed the extra day. My project at work finally got finished so I am back to a normal work schedule. I have another project that I am working on but I think for this one I am going to resist the overtime because I've found it has mixed results. When I am working usually it is 100% effort and I need time to recharge the batter if I am to keep that up.

As usual for my Saturday I watched some Japanese TV shows in the evening. I'm really partial to the year long NHK historical serials, I've learned a lot about Japan and Japanese history from watching them. It makes me wonder why we don't have anything like it anymore in TV here. But maybe you have to be Japanese to have the patience to watch something like that...

I also managed to do some writing today. My creative energy seems to vary from day to day, sometimes I am into writing, other times I want to write a program. And still other times I don't feel the mood for it. And there is always reading which is something that takes up a big portion of my free time.

I still have some more stories that I plan to post here when I get the chance.

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