Another story - Aiko #1  

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3/12/2006 12:09 pm
Another story - Aiko #1

Aiko was the CEO of the Omega corporation.
She had worked for more than 10 years to
reach her current position. At the same time
she had secretly been accumulating stock
until recently she had become the complete
owner of the company.

Every work day she went to her office on the
12th floor with a secret. Outwardly she was
very cool and businesslike but inwardly she
was different. Inside she was a hot,
passionate woman, with a lot of
sexual desires. In addition to
generating a hefty income for Aiko
the business also provided her
with a fertile field for indulging her
erotic passions.

Her car pulled up at the front entrance to the
building at 8:45 am. Sammy, Aiko's driver
pulled to a stop, got out, and opened the door
next to his boss. As usual Aiko was wearing her
white blouse, dark skirt and dark jacket, and
nothing else. And already she was feeling the
her secret erotic need. As she moved to the
door to exit the car she decided as soon
as she got settled in her office she would
get something to get the day started.

As Aiko slid across the seat her skirt was
drawn up on her thighs and Sammy eyed her
legs appreciatively as she moved to the door.
Aiko ignored what was happening to her skirt
as she reached the door, her excitement
increasing with the accidental exposure which
she did nothing to stop. As she dropped her
right leg to the ground her skirt rose even
more until her pussy was revealed. She
ignored showed no outward sign of noticing
her exposure as her driver drank in the sight
of the Asian woman's sex as she got of the
car. It was only when she had both feet on
the ground that Aiko pushed her skirt back
into place, hiding her lack of panties once

"Thank you, Sammy", she said as she
pulled her laptop case out of the car and
stood up fully. "I'll call you to come pick
me up when I'm ready to leave," she
continued as Sammy shut the car door.
Aiko turned and started walking to the
entrance as Sammy returned to the
drivers seat and drove off.

Aiko pushed open the doors into the
reception area. Heather the receptionist
was on the phone as she entered but
her eyes followed Aiko as her boss
walked past. Heather was wearing a
thin, tight top and short skirt. It was
obvious from the way her top molded
itself to her chest that Heather was
braless. Aiko watched Heather
appreciatively as she walked by on
the way to her office. It was not obvious
but like Aiko Heather wore nothing under
her skirt.

Aiko took the elevator up to her office,
walking past her two secretaries into
her large office. Her high desk occupied
the center of the room with a couch
along one wall. Behind her chair was a
large picture window giving a
spectacular view of the city below.
Aiko pulled her laptop from its case
and slid it into the docking station
on her desk. She pressed the "on"
switch and then sat down in the big,
comfortable executive chair behind
her desk. After a moment she stood
back up and took off her suit jacket
and walked over to a small cabinet
and hung up her jacket before
returning to her chair.

Aiko spun her chair around and looked
out over the city for a few moments.
then she spun back around and picked
up the phone on her desk. She was
thoughtful for a moment and then dialed
a number.

"Send Jason up," she said into the phone
and then set it back in its cradle. She
leaned back in her chair to wait for him
to arrive.

After a couple minutes she leaned forward
again, pushed her chair back, and got up.
Aiko unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt,
letting it drop to her feet. She quickly
stepped out of it, picked it up, folded it, and
dropped it into one of her desk drawers.
This left her wearing only her blouse when
she returned to her chair.

Almost as soon as Aiko sat down again in he
office chair the door to her office opened
and Jason walked in. Jason was 31 and a
senior analyst in the IT staff.

"I need some help this morning," Aiko told him
as he stopped in front of her desk. Jason
walked around Aiko's huge desk until he could
see she was wearing only her blouse. Knowing
from past experience the type of
help Aiko needed Jason got down on his
hands and knees next to Aiko's chair. She
rolled her chair back to make room for Jason
to crawl into the space under Aiko's desk.
She moved her chair forward again once the
man was completely under her desk. From
the door to her office it again looked as if
nothing unusual was happening, just the
hard working chief executive at her desk.

Aiko moved her body forward until she was sitting
in the edge of her chair and then moved her
feet apart. Jason moved himself into the space
this provided for him in front of Aiko's chair.
This positioned him so his face was right
next to Aiko's waiting pussy. Aiko shivered in
anticipation as she felt Jason's breath on
her sensitive center.

Suddenly, Aiko felt the electric contact of
Jason's tongue on her inner pussy lips,
gently pushing them apart and then
pushed into the opening of her pussy.
He then slowly moved his tongue up until
he reached Aiko's clit. With the first
soft touch of the tip of Jason's tongue
to her sensitive clitoris a powerful wave
of pleasure thrilled through the Asian
woman's body. He started teasing her
sensitive organ with his tongue, flicking
the tip across it.

As Jason enthusiastically licked her pussy
Aiko unbuttoned her blouse and started
playing with her own nipples. She moaned
as Jason pushed his tongue into her pussy
opening as far as it would go. Then he
moved back to her clit once again.

As Jason continued to eat her pussy Aiko felt
an increase in pleasure tension with each
stroke of his tongue across her clitoris. Soon
she had her hands on his head, holding him
to her open pussy. It felt so good to her!
Jason sensed Aiko was getting close to
orgasm, he put even more effort into making
the Asian woman cum. She was almost ready.

Jason made a few more strokes on Aiko's clit
with his tongue as she squirmed and moaned.
She felt the pleasure from her nipples join
that from her clitoris as her whole body
tensed up. Aiko pushed her hips up into
Jason's face as she gave herself to the
pleasure of her passion. The tingling pleasure
grew higher and then she came.

Jason licked her madly as a powerful orgasm
seized Aiko. She squirmed and bucked as the
spasms of pleasure filled her beautiful body.
Jason worked his tongue expertly on her
clitoris as she was cumming. Aiko's hands
pinched and rubbed her own nipples madly
to get the most from her orgasm. Then she
gave a sigh and her body relaxed as she
pushed Jason away from her pussy.

Jason crawled out from under Aiko's desk and
moved to stand next to her. Aiko took off
her blouse which was the last remaining item
of clothing she wore, and then turned to
Jason. His penis was straining against his
pants, Aiko caressed it through the cloth for
a moment. She then unbuttoned and
unzipped Jason's pants and pushed them
down until they were around his ankles.
Jason's erect, circumcised cock sprang free
to her delighted eyes.

Aiko loved an erect penis and her favorite
part was the sensitive head. She loved the
feel of a hard cock as she caressed it with
her hands and loved the soft smooth feeling
of the head. Aiko also loved licking and
sucking on a hard cock and especially
caressing the head with her tongue.

Aiko reached up and closed her hand
around Jason's cock. At first she explored
it lightly, enjoying the hardness and the
heat of it. Then she grasped Jason's cock
just behind the head and took it into her
mouth. Jason sighed in pleasure as he
felt the warm wetness of Aiko's mouth
engulf the head of his cock. Aiko started
exploring the head of Jason's penis with
her tongue, she loved the smoothness
of the skin covering it. As she was licking
the head of Jason's cock she started
stroking the shaft, making sure her
fingers caressed the sensitive underside
with each stroke.

Aiko felt Jason's penis grow even stiffer
in her hand and the head swelled in her
mouth, the skin on the head tight and
smooth. She flicked her tongue gently
across the slit in the end of his cock,
Jason gasped at the pleasure of it. Aiko
could tell Jason was going to cum soon,
he was already far along toward orgasm
before she even touched his penis. Aiko
especially loved the way a penis felt
just before a man reached orgasm.

Aiko continued to stoke Jason's cock with
her hand and suck and lick on the head.
She felt the shaft grow very hard and the
head swelled even more in her mouth.
She licked the head with her tongue, swirling
it around and flicking again across the
hole in the end. Then it happened, Jason
reached orgasm.

Aiko felt the head of Jason's cock swell
even more as the shaft tensed in her hand.
She felt the penis spasm in her hand and
a hot pulse of semen jetted into her
mouth. Jason was lost in pleasure as his
orgasmic spasms shot his sperm into
Aiko's waiting mouth. As soon as she
felt Jason start to cum Aiko clamped her
lips tight around the head of Jason's cock.
She loved sperm and did not want to lose
any of that she was now receiving from
Jason's powerful orgasm. Four powerful
jets of spermatic fluid blasted into her
mouth before Jason's orgasm began to

Aiko swallowed the semen that filler her
mouth and then cleaned off the last drops
from the head of Jason's penis. Once she
was done she leaned back in her chair.
Jason bent down, pulled up his pants,
and without a word left the office.

"Ah, just what I needed," Aiko thought
as she sat back in her chair, still nude.
She sat musing for a few minutes,
savoring the after taste of Jason's
semen. Then she redressed and
started on her work day.

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