A day off, at last...  

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3/5/2006 11:00 pm
A day off, at last...

I luxuriated in my day off today though it wasn't quite what I really wanted. I had hoped that I could got out for a walk but the weather did not allow. Today a storm was moving in, with a nasty cold wind, clouds, and in the afternoon and evening rain. So I am going to have to defer time in the outdoors for another week.

On Saturday evenings I've made it my custom to watch the Japanese TV shows on KTSF here. I've been doing it pretty regularly for years, partly to help in my effort to learn Japanese. I also have a collection of Japanese movies on DVD that I watch from time to time. I think I will be ready for a visit to Japan soon.

I am also learning Mandarin and it seems somehow I am learning this language faster than Japanese, though because I started Japanese much earlier I am further along with it. But it seems that every time I learn a new language it gets easier.

I always try to keep myself occupied with something creative, to learn something new every day. The exact thing I can do tends to vary from day to day, depending on my mood and where my thoughts lie.

Well, tommorow is back to the salt mines so that's all for today.

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