Desire Fulfilled - Part I  

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Desire Fulfilled - Part I

She pulled into the driveway, depressing the button for the remote. As the door began to open she frowned, noting that the light was out on the opener. She quietly bitched to herself, because with her husband gone away on business for a week she would have to either leave a light on all day or enter a dark house.

She pulled in and began to gather her stuff as the garage door closed. She opened the door of the big SUV and climbed down closing it behind her with her foot. She walked to the doorway and fumbled with the handle as she tried to balance the packages in her arms. She stepped into the hallway when she felt her body being jerked violently. In a moment she was thrust down onto the floor, the packages clattering down the long hallway. She felt a heavy weight on top of her and slowly her mind focused on the fact that she was not alone. She began to scream but a hand clamped tight over her mouth. In a moment it was replaced by a gag that was drawn taught over her mouth. She struggled but her petite body was no match. Shortly she felt her hands drawn behind her, and lashed together. She was lying on the cold tile of the hallway and she felt his hands along her exposed legs, her body betrayed by the skirt hiked up around her thighs.

In a moment he had her pulled to her feet, forcing her in the direction of the bedroom. She thought about running, but his fist was wrapped in her hair, holding her tightly like a wild animal she struggled, but he forcibly moved her ahead. Inside the room he threw her to the bedroom, forcing her onto her back as he straddled her. He had been in the house for awhile, ropes were preposition and he had her tie down shortly. The room was dark, but she could feel his physical presence. Tall, over 6’ easily and strong. Despite her struggles, he moved her like a doll. She laid there, arms and legs spread apart and tied firmly. She struggled to accept what was inevitable, and yet somewhere deep inside her body betrayed her.

She had been in a loveless marriage for several years. She had often thought of cheating but had not found the courage. So she hid in her fantasies, often writing stories on her online blog. Anonymous tales of erotic desire. Now she was the subject of her deepest darkest fantasy.

She could hear him moving in the room, could hear him removing his clothing. Her body squirmed as she felt the bed shift, him coming to her. His hands pressed against her inner thighs and his mouth pressed against the moist fabric of her panties. She tried to shift away from his touch, but he held her tight. His fingers gripping her legs. His tongue teased her, and in a moment one hand gripped the edge of her panties and violently ripped them away. Her pussy was now exposed to him. She was alternately repulsed by the thought, and thoroughly aroused.

His mouth was hungry, and he proceeded to claim her wet cunt with his tongue. His fingers spread her lips wide, and he teased and tormented her dripping pussy. She could feel him deep inside her, his tongue driving in and out, fucking her as his fingers slide along her lips. He clit was hard to his touch. She tried to yell, to struggle but it was becoming increasingly more an act, but for whose benefit? Her chest raised off the bed with each thrust of his tongue inside her, and her nipples pressed firmly against the lace bra. The orgasm came swiftly; proceed by a second and a third. Her body was submitting fully, even if she was still trying to resist. When she felt him on the bed, between her wide spread legs, she knew what was coming. She braced herself and then felt his swollen head as it pressed between her wet lips. She gasped, unprepared for its size and felt him penetrate her deeply. She groaned and he took her.

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