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7/14/2005 3:42 am

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ok i feel a rant coming on...
it seems i do not know how to operate in this environment...
i mean, i have posted to groups, sent e-mails, winks, and created a blog...
but so far no-one is even remotely interested...
should i take this personally?
there is a great deal of talk out there, folks looking for this and that, more people offering services than looking for them...and here i sit like yesterdays chopped liver.
i feel like the last puppy at the pound...
well thats a bit much now isn't it...but how does this work?
so many folks saying 'we should have a M&G!"
ok, WHEN?
if its in a public place just to meet, then whats the delay?
whats the exclusivity?
lets just put something on somewhere sometime
i tried a last minute kinda thing and, nothing.
and i refuse to give money to these 'people (AdultFriendFinder)
maybe thats my problem, but i dont think so. i have been able to send a few emails and still got no response, so upgrading would only increase the number of ignored e-mails

sorry like i said a rant was coming on...
its late (3;40am) and so i am a bit out of sorts
sleep tite
dont let the bedbugs bite.


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