Women, please, What do honest men need to say to get connected?  

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1/21/2006 3:06 pm

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Women, please, What do honest men need to say to get connected?

I've been around AdultFriendFinder for almost two months now.
Last night, I watched "Must Love Dogs." I love John Kusak's style and sense of humor. Unfortunately, the conniving and lying, and trials and tribulations of Christopher Plummerís(?) first online date (canít think of her name; the presidentís wife on West Wing), and of Kusakís lawyer friend, seem to be the real, overwhelming, insurmountable landscape of online dating.

Do I need to explain why Iím married AND looking for a friend and lover? Would anyone believe me anyway? Does that combination automatically make me undeserving of trust?

Please take a look at what I've written below, and take a look at my profile [RealGuy491]. I would really appreciate your input.

Here's who I am?
A 57 YO man who believes that honesty and integrity are essential to relationships that are real and worth experiencing. I believe, as well, and from experience, that sex without feeling is sex without pleasure.

Based on feedback from women with whom I have casual chats in stores, etc., I'm very young-looking, charming, engaging and funny. Women who know me well, will tell you I'm very intelligent, fun and comfortable to be around; charming and, sometimes, seductive. They would add that I'm confident, and that I have a very unique, very interesting sense of humor.

Here's what I enjoy.
Stimulating conversation, romance, walks in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, black & white photography, reflective writing; literature, poetry, music, movies, dogs & cats; staring at the depth of space, rolling clouds against a deep blue sky, a soft warm breeze, gentle rain, snow in the mountains, trees swaying in the wind, waterfalls, train rides.

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