Not dream about it; not want it, but experience it.  

rm_RazorGFX 43M
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9/12/2006 11:39 am
Not dream about it; not want it, but experience it.

So, I'm back here, writing again after much deliberation. I'm going through the usual routine of reading posts and such, leaving comments. The point of writing is to be read and to be read you have to be seen. I have that Type-A thing going for me.

How I don't spend all day on this site is amazing. All those pictures of nice asses and tits, all hungry for some action like I am. That is, when you sort out the real profiles from the fake ones. I could spend all day thinking about what it would be like to have all of them in the same room and cum in them one after another. I've been blessed [or maybe cursed, depending on perspective] with the ability to cum many times. I've never counted how many before, but it was probably more than six.

And I could have that, here, through this site. Not dream about it, not want it, but experience it. heh

There's a site I used to visit: It's one of those fake "reality" sites, but the premise is a few guy strippers go to all girl parties, after a few drinks the close come off and the fun begins. Right now, that's about my biggest fantasy [ or goal? ]

In my mind, women have it easy. There's always a line of willing men for sex. I know women who say that's not true, so I know my perspective is off, but still --- I believe it's easier for women than men. As long as I believe that, then of course it will be much more appealing to me to desire a room full of horny women and only a few men, rather than way it almost always is: vice-versa.

There's something incredibly attractive to me about group sex in that kind of setting. I guess because there isn't any "rejection" (so I believe). Even if there were, what's it matter ... there's someone else with their mouth on your cock in a matter of seconds. Who cares? The attention of one isn't so much of a big deal anymore.

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