office girls  

rm_Raven1z 51M
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3/20/2006 2:03 pm
office girls

What is it with office girls? Friday one of the girls in my office sat in my office and told me that she shaved all her pubic hair. Then she asked me if I shave mine (I do). God love her, she is a great girl but there is no attraction sexually. Does telling me that she shaves her pubic area mean she wants me to see it? Do girls like to show off their shaved areas. She is not the first one to tell me this. Last year we had a 21 year old intern who liked to discuss her shaved area to me. I would have liked to seen that one. And why do girls with nice asses always wear low rise pants that show off their G-string. It's hard to concentrate when they do that. Good thing I not easy, the last thing I would need is an affair with an intern. Well, maybe not the last thing.

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