Monday Memo  

rm_Raven1z 51M
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3/27/2006 2:54 pm
Monday Memo

It's Monday so time to reflect. This weekend went to an event with lots of people and had a good time. The event was kind of a dress up ordeal and I got to tell you I was dreaming again. I had to work the function with a girl that is something else. She has a naive sexuality about her that does not quit. If I adopt her will it be incest? Don't get me wrong, she is 23-24 years old but I am caught between adoption or wanting to just make her scream. I know I could teach her a few things, or at least I think I could (maybe she would teach me). She is just such a pleasant person that I feel bad about looking down her blouse as she leaned over to me many times through the night. Did she do it on pupose? I would like to think so but then again it could be that naive thing she has. Well this is my blog and I decided she wanted me to look down her blouse. I like taking control.

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