the beginning  

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12/16/2005 11:07 pm

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the beginning

ah, so begins my quest for lust..

this is a first for me. i don't usually go out to find people. however, as my horniness has increased exponentially over the past few weeks, i believe it's only fair to respond.

i'm not here to become a stud. i'm here to have some fun. to make friends "with benefits." i'm here to experience pleasure.


that sounds so superficial. however, i'm only answering back the primitive calls of my hormonally-ravaged body. so, for those interested, let me know.

as for contacting me, hit me up on aim at foreverakela. i can't really afford paying for membership, being a college student and

oh, which reminds me, i go to a very male-dominated college. it doesn't help my social situation at all. in fact, my being here is probably a direct consequence of that situation.

feeling pity? as long as we can enjoy it together, i don't care...

- shift

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