June 21, 2006  

rm_Ranger_Lee 35M
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6/21/2006 10:06 am
June 21, 2006

Well this is the start of a Ranger and his search for tail.. Our character's name is Lee, He grow up all over the east coast FL,AL,N.C,MD upon his turning 18 lee joins the Army looking for adventure and ready to see the world. His buddy chris and himself head out for Basic training for the Infantry in Fort Benning,GA in 2002 only to find themselves in what seems like 100 miles from the closest woman. Sweat,Blood, and few muscles later we find ourselves back home only to be shipped to S.Korea for the next year and a half. The woman in korea were great, Koreans, Russians, and Philipino's. Each had their own little talent. The Koreans were good at taking our money, the Russians could suck and fuck you back to the middle age, and the Philipino's had that nice tan skin and a ass you wouldn't believe. Lee once had two Philipino's at once....damn they fucked all night changing from controled to controler. The next day lee had to work a 24 hour shift at the Battalion staff duty only to find himself falling asleep while standing (this is not good).

After Korea Lee came back to the states only to go to RANGER school and deploy to Iraq. No women for a year strait, Our character can't wait to rip the next few girls a new one..Please stay tuned for the start of our tails of A Ranger Rampage....our story begains with a sexy woman contacting our character for the fuck of her life..

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