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rm_RandomXS2 63M
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8/11/2006 7:45 am

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8/16/2006 10:19 am

Back again

Damn, can I procrastinate or WHAT???? I suppose I could duck behind the convenient excuse that, gee, I've really had nothing to blog about, but that wouldn't be true and I'm trying really hard to dig myself out from behind all the bullshit I usually try to hide behind.

I HAVE been busy, though - completed a CD of cover songs - the "band" was initially conceived as a combination cover/show band and an "originals" band - the idea, oddly enough, was to get PAID to play! Since there is no BAND - just me and my instruments, midi gear, recording technology, and expertise - there really wasn't much point in a cover band pretense - but I recorded the CD anyway as a "proof-of-concept" undertaking and must say I think it works quite well. (Others may disagree, but I'm happy with the results. Since no one else gets a vote that works for me!) I've also begun work on the next CD of original songs and, through a bit of self-induced intentional piracy, the first three songs are now available on a local hangout's jukebox, where they have become surprise hits. I've been getting requests (more like "insistences" ) that I play at another local bar that features live music. Guess it's time to put a band together again. Fortunately I've run into a number of musicians that seem like they'd be good fits, so there's another project to undertake...

Then there are the women...a number of them, actually. All stunningly beautiful and desirable - one in particular that appeals physically, emotionally, artistically, and intellectually. We've been TRYING to go out for MONTHS with hang-fire after hang-fire (stuff just seems to come up and get in the way) to the point where we're actually laughing about it now rather than getting upset. ("No problem, I used the extra time to good effect - I reinforced the chandelier and ironed the loin-cloth..." See...we even have private jokes about our seeming inability to connect!) I think we've turned it into extended foreplay rather than seeing it as some cosmic conspiracy. By the time we actually manage to complete the circuit we'll have so much built-up desire and frustration that we'll probably burn the house down. How nice would that be????


We'll see.

So I've been kinda busy rebuilding my life and finding myself and rediscovering what's important and what's just BS that SEEMS important. You'd think that after a half-century I'd already own a clue - but we're onions, with layers and layers and layers, some of them crap that needs to be peeled away and discarded - others that reveal us in deeper and more meaningful ways.

The challenge is determining and understanding which is which and acting accordingly.

MsLoveRose 34F  
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8/11/2006 8:16 am

<< loves live music!!! congrats with that!!! and hope it all works out!!

the women thing....hey....its about time for the random man to get some action!!

the beauty of self discovery....always something to learn and things that were there suddenly come to light!

live more, laugh often, love much

chiparoux 50M
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8/11/2006 5:24 pm

About dang time you blogged to us again! If this gathers momentum ~ who knows? ~ maybe even I'll come up with another entry in my own long-neglected blog. {Okay, in all seriousness, it's been nice seeing your thoughts scattered here and there again along the paths I travel.}


The words from your recent post that just hang on the edge of my mind are these: "...and acting accordingly."

If I could count the times that I have KNOWN the truth, but somehow convinced myself otherwise.... or talked myself out of acting on that knowledge.... or acted against my own best interests for reasons I can't even understand {or, more likely, am just reluctant to admit}.

I find that, often, the hardest step for me to take toward promoting my own growth is simply to stop making excuses for myself and holding myself accountable ~ in the first instance, shaking myself loose from just general inactivity, setting my mind onto some goal, and then "acting accordingly."

Thanks for a good blog, Random ~ and thanks for the spark I'm finding in it. Now, lemme go see if I can start a fire somewhere.

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