Sexual perversity  

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2/26/2005 12:11 pm

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Sexual perversity

First entry. Not sure what to write yet. Possibly I'll transcribe one of my erotic fictions.

Earlier this year, I ended an on-again, off-again fling with Laura D. She started a fantasy scenario based on Mardi Gras beads she had earned from me the first time we'd met back in 1998.

<i>You and I run into each other in NYC.
We both just happen to be signed up for the G-Spot &
Female Ejaculation Seminar at Toys in Babeland.
You are so surprised to see me there, and very excited
as I can tell by the bulge in your pants. The seminar
starts and we are sitting near each other. Just being
close to you makes me wet. As the class progresses
from some pictures and visual aides, the instructor
notices the sexual tension between us and asks for a
couple to volunteer for a little hands on experiment.
We jump at the opportunity to be together and both
raise our hands. There is a nice cushioned bench in
the room that has a sheet draped over it and you lead
me to it and sit down with me. The instructor then
takes out a few different g-spot vibrators and hands
them to you. She tells us to go at our own pace and
act as if no one is there, yeah right...the fact that
there are people watching has made me even more
excited. You slowly undress me, kissing my body as
you do it. You then lay me back on the bench and
slowly spread my legs so that I am lying back but my
legs are hanging off the bench on either side and my
pussy is wide open and ready to be teased by you.

You start by very gently blowing on my cunt, getting
closer and closer with your mouth. You then plant a
big open mouth kiss on my clit and flikc you r tongue
over it. I am ready to cum already, but this
excessive is about female ejaculation and the g-spot,
so you pull your mouth away and whisper in my ear that
you couldn't resist a little taste first, but that you
are going to make me squirt like we have fantasized
about so many times before. You take one of the
vibrators and start to play with my pussy. You stick
it inside me and I let out a big moan. It feel so
good to have you playing with me and trying to make me
squirt. It is feeling so good but the attention of
the class is starting to distract me. The instructor
suggests a blindfold and a headset for me so that I
can concentrate, and I accept. Now that I am
blindfolded and cant hear the commotion of the class
you start working on me again. It has worked having 2
senses blocked and I am now totally into what you are
doing to me, like no one else exists in the world
besides you and me at that point. The first vibrator
hasn't been a complete success so you grab another one
to try, and this one manages to hit a bulls eye on my
g-spot. My whole body is now starting to quiver, my
toes are tingly, my nipples harder than ever before.
You notice that I am nearing orgasm so you bend down
and lightly lick my clit while you are working my
g-spot with the vibrator. This totally sends me over
the edge and I launch into the biggest orgasm I have
ever had, my whole body is having this orgasm. Then I
start to feel this amazing rush of moisture building
in my pussy, and it is such a powerful trust that it
pushes the vibrator right out of your hand and onto
the floor and behind the vibrator gushes my first
ejaculation at the hands of someone else. My juices
totally spray and soak your face and you are lapping
at my pussy to get more of me to drink. I finally
settle down and stop squirting and take off my
blindfold to look at you. Your face, shirt and hair
are soaked and you have the biggest smile on your
Then I look around the room and realize that everyone
has watched this display and are so excited to see
that it can really happen that they are clapping have
gathering around to get a closer look. The instructor
then asks if anyone else would like to do a hands on
demonstration...But we decide not to stick around
because I have since whispered in your ear that I
cannot wait to get you out of there and off somewhere
private so that I can repay you for making me have the
most amazing orgasm by spending hours licking and
sucking your cock and balls. I also tell you that
after all these years, you have definitely earned back
the "Cherished" Mardi Gras beads and I want to
personally place them over your head!</i>

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