Returning the Favor  

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2/27/2005 6:52 am

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Returning the Favor

This scenario was never finished because Laura decided to break off any interactions between us.


I had signed up for the workshop on the G-spot and Female Ejaculation on a whim. I loved playing with the paraurethral sponge (yes, I'm showing off) with chewtoys at the movies or side by side in bed when I and a lover would share a hotel room with another couple but were trying to be discreet. I loved stimulating it with the tips or pads of one or two fingers while eating a woman out. It was rare, though, that I would be with someone who would gush their pussy juices. I missed it. At times in my life, I've been obsessed with it, reading manuals and stories (both online and collected in erotica anthologies) about an arc of feminine spray.

I had brought a fistful of discreet contact cards (just my first name and a backup email address) that were in a case in my jacket pocket, just in case I met someone at this workshop that I might want to hook up with later.

But I was pleasantly surprised -- and terribly aroused -- to see you.

After the little show we'd put on for the others in the store, you had whispered a lewd suggestion in my ear and I knew I wanted to take you up on it. I ached to feel your hot mouth on me once more.

We didn't need a hotel room. I had the key to the apartment of two friends who had moved to a condo way uptown, but still maintained their old studio in Chelsea as a potential rental property. They had a tenant all set to move in -- but not for two weeks.

At Broome Street and West Broadway, I hailed a cab and we headed uptown. You called a friend to help you in a little conspiracy, and she assented. And then you called him to tell him that you'd be crashing after your girls' night out with the friend that you had just talked to. So we were set.

In the cab, we could barely keep our hands off each other. I tipped the driver generously at our destination and we went upstairs. I put the key in the lock and turned and we walked in. My friends had left a queen sized bed, a small couch and some other furniture for their tenants.

I bring you into the bathroom as you fumble with the button and zipper on my black jeans. You pull them down to my ankles. "I see you decided to go commando tonight," you say with an appraising grin.

"And I shaved my balls this morning. You never know..."

In answer you eagerly stroke my erect cock and move under it to lick my balls. I moan. God, how I've missed your mouth.

I love the wicked smile on your face and in your eyes as you suck my cock. Our eyes stay on each other as you take me deep into your throat and then go back up and let it out of your mouth with a pop, then lick around the head. With your left hand you stroke up and down the shaft, trying to milk me. I am leaning on the sink for support and feel myself about to cum, but I want to prolong the aching pleasure I have. With your right you massage my balls, generating more semen.... I can't stand it. I let fly and a stream of cum hits your chin and cheeks and neck and dribbles down into your cleavage until I am spent. You have this look of triumph on your face because you know it's what you've wanted, what *I've* wanted all night long.

We take off the rest of our clothes and jump into the shower. We kiss and I taste myself on your tongue and lips. We are locked in an embrace under the shower head, my leg between your legs, feeling your still-wet pussy against me and feeling my cock becoming aroused again. I lick my cum off your tits as you reach down and stroke my cock with a soapy hand.

I pull you out of the shower and get on my knees in front of you on the bathroom rug. I kiss your stomach then move down to lave your pussy lips from below and kiss your clit firmly then suck on it.... You moan. The water is dripping off of us and we're making a mess. One of us retains some presence of mind to turn off the shower and I do to you what I had long ago promised -- to let you use my tongue as your towel. You feel weak in the knees so you sit down on the rug. I take your right foot and lick the water off the sole then encircle your pinky toe with my mouth and lick and suck on it as if it were your clit. I take my sweet time with each of your toes as you lie back resting on your elbows and watching me with an evil grin on your face. I move up first one leg than the other with kisses and nibbles till I reach your crotch again and inhale deeply the musky scent of your cunt.

I am addicted to you.

During the times that we are away from each other, I pleasure myself imagining getting you on all fours and watching your crescendo of arousal in a mirror, gripping your hips and pulling you onto me and you pushing your crotch into mine.... I recall the taste of wine on your breasts, re-map in my brain the curve of your stomach as I kiss down it to tease your navel with my tongue and savor the scents in the dark jungles of your pubic hairs down to what I crave the most ... I miss the encouraging sighs in concert with your guiding fingers running through my hair as I tongue fuck you.

So all of this leaps into memory again and again as we're in my friends' bathroom and I'm eating you out. I am down on my stomach and turning my hips slightly so my erection isn't crushed by the weight of my body. My hands are underneath you, kneading your ass cheeks; one of your legs is out straight while the other is over my shoulder.

I am lost in the taste and texture and juices of you. Your cunt is my world, your cries of ecstasy the accompaniment.

The leg over my shoulder rubs against the middle of my upper back as I eat you out. Your hips buck up off the rug pushing your cunt into my face as I lap away. "Suck it, lick my hot box, baby, do it, do it, DO IT!!!!!" Ignoring any possible neighbors on a Sunday night, your cries are louder, inciting my further ministrations of tongue and fingers on you and in you.

Your orgasm subsides and then you have one small aftershock. I stop what I'm doing and rest my head on one thigh. "That was very, very good," you say in a hoarse voice. "My pussy and I thank you VERY much." I stand up and give you my hand and pull you up off the rug into an embrace. We walk unsteadily into the bedroom and flop down onto the king sized bed.

You roll on your side into me. "I think I'm going to need some time to recover," you say. "What time is it?"

"Not even midnight."

"I don't know when I'll be able to see you again after tonight. Do you want to call in sick tomorrow? I have a lot of sick days left, myself."

"I haven't even taken one this year. Yeah, let's do that."

The temperature in the room is comfortable, but I've missed the warmth of a body next to me. I turn to you and curl a leg around you protectively. My half-hard erection bumps into your leg and you giggle and stroke my cock once. "We'll take care of that very soon."


We apparently fall asleep for a time because, when I awake from a very arousing dream of someone sucking my cock, I find that I'm not dreaming.

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